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Dana 20 Transfer Case Twin-Stick Shifter Kits

The Dana 20 is a very good recipient for a twin stick conversion. These kits come with the hardware and instructions required to create a clean and highly functional shifter upgrade.

Product & Features

CJ Style Dana 20 to early 3-speed T14 & T15 transmissions typically found in 1972-1975 Jeep CJ with stock shifter right up against the transfer case


CJ Style Dana 20 to the T150 3-speed transmission found in the 1976-1979 Jeep CJ with stock shifter right up against the transfer case

CJ Style D20 to T18 4-speed transmission found in the 1972-1979 Jeep CJ applications where the stock shifter is mounted about 7” in front of the transfer case


Truck, Jeepster Commando Dana 20 to early 3-speed transmissions with the stock box style shifter close to the transfer case


Jeep D-20 Wagoneer, Cherokee, J-series P/U, and Commando/Jeepster D20 to TH400 Automatic transmission with the stock box style shifter on long tube - * this is the kit to use for a custom application as noted below.


Kit Contents

The kit comes with all the hardware required to convert to twin sticks.

Procedural Requirements

The twin stick shifter kit uses the factory shift rails within your Dana 20 and extension tube except as noted below. Installation does not require disassembly but not all positions listed are available, the normal single stick positions are. For fully independent axle operation, disassembly of the Dana 20 will be required. This is an excellent time for a rebuild of your Dana 20 or at the least to seal up any leaks.

To clarify, all of these shifters are completely functional without removing the interlock pills. You get a cleaner and easier shift of each rail independently rather than forcing the rails though a pattern with one stick or box. No internal modifications are required for front wheel drive only mode on the FSL/Jeepster cases. Removal of the interlocks simply allows all of the positions to open up and be available. 

A commonly asked question - “Is it possible to lock the transfer case by putting one axle in low and the other in high range?”

Answer – Yes, it is possible but your really have to try to do it. The result is not unlike a drag race transmission trans brake where they engage two gears at once to hold the transmission while staged and then one is let go to launch the car. You will have a lot better feel with the twin sticks and lack of linkages.

We highly recommend this shifting method.

Shifting Positions 

All separate range and mode positions are available, including:


Front Axle

Rear Axle

Both Axles













As to shifter positions, the low-range positions are all the way forward and the high-range positions are all the way back. Neutral is in the middle.

Applications & Compatibility

These shifters work with the Dana 20 transfer cases as specified above. For fully availability of all of the positions, the transfer case must be disassembled and the interlocks removed. 

Transfer Case

There are many variations of the D20 transfer case. Two styles of the Jeep cases are prevalent and there are differing shifter tube lengths as well as other things. The two main versions are:

dana_20_shift_rails_cjCJ Style

This version of the Jeep Dana 20 came in CJ Jeeps. It is identified by the unequal length shift-rails (fig.1), the staggered shift-rail seals (fig.2), and the ends of the shift-rails are not the same, but both have vertical holes (fig.3). The shifter assembly for these cases comes in two different lengths. This case requires removal if the shift interlock pills, or modification of the shift-rails for front wheel drive only.

The CJ version shifter is designed to be mounted on the stock mounting bracket, so it is important that the type that you have correctly identified your case and stock shifter, prior to ordering. The 3-speed versions are short as shown with the 4-speed version longer at about 7” from the front of the transfer case.



dana_20_shift_rails_fsjThis version of the Jeep Dana 20 came in FSJ (Full Sized Jeeps) including the Wagoneer, Cherokee, J-series P/U, and Commando/Jeepster models. The factory shifter is a box type mounted on a bare extension tube (fig. 4), the shift-rails are equal length (fig.1), the shift-rail seals are not staggered (fig.2), and the shift-rails are both slotted vertically with horizontal holes(fig 3).

The stock shifter on these models utilized a box that attached to the tube with set screws. There are no brackets welded to the tube and the new shifter clamps to the existing or new tube.





Often with the Jeeps we are working with a longer transmission is swapped in to replace an older 3 speed transmission or as part of a complete conversion. In these instances it is advantageous to reposition the shifter further forward (or possible further back) in relation to the transfer case to get better positioning or to keep the shifters in the stock location. The best shifter for this is the TX20-FSJ as noted above and then purchase the appropriate length of tubing below to extend the shifter out the distance you would like. The TX20-FSJ can be made to work with both the CJ and its native Truck/Jeepster style transfer case. The sticks may also be bent as necessary to accommodate your needs.

Note, this will not be a “bolt-in” and will likely require trimming the tube as necessary, cutting the threaded actuating rods and bending the sticks. Still, it gives a solid platform to work from when the existing length is just not right.

Related Products

Shifter Boots

Necessary for proper sealing this twin-stick style shifter boot is custom molded of high quality rubber and furnished with a stainless-steel bezel ring and stainless steel mounting screws. The stainless ring can be mounted on top or inside of the boot for a cleaner look. This boot works with all of our twin stick kits.


Shifter Knobs

Add a pair of shifter knobs if you wish to upgrade from the conventional, spherical plastic knobs provided in our shifter kits. They are made from billet aluminum, anodized in black and then laser engraved, as shown. An added benefit is the pattern on the knob as opposed to the included sticker to indicate the shift pattern. These Knobs will only fit the TX300 shifter as the shift rods are both a different diameter and thread.


Tubing for custom length shifter

This is the tubing necessary to fabricate a custom length shifter, sold by the inch.

D18 & D20 Rebuild and Gasket Options


Gasket and seals kit


Dana 20 Billet Pan and PTO Cover

These rigid and precisely machined billet bottom pans are the answer to a few Dana transfer case dilemmas. The thick, smooth-finished flange replaces the thin, warped factory pans and they virtually assure a drip-free seal. The PTO cover does the same for the back, plus they add a little “bling” to your case.


Installation Requirements

Basic installation is quite simple requiring only normal mechanics tools. 

To fully realize the advantages of a twin stick setup and all of the available positions you will need to disassemble the transfer case. This is the perfect time to do a rebuild using our superior kits with stronger center pin. As the least you will want to replace seals and gaskets if performing this option.

A custom length shifter option will likely require trimming the tube as necessary, cutting the threaded actuating rods and bending the sticks. Still, it gives a solid platform to work from when the existing length is just not right.

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