Parts for the 

New Process 435 Transmission

np435_transmissionThe NP435 has proven to be one of the best transmissions ever built. Their unique design influenced a generation of transmissions to follow.

The Master Kit 

Below you Can find our most complete rebuild kits for each version of the 435 transmission. These include the necessary components to also rebuild the lid.

Rebuild Requirements

It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our included instruction guide.

We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers and a small arbor press, in addition to standard shop tools.

A terrific online guide to help one size up an NP435 rebuild has been written by Four Wheeler's Verne Simmons. See it here.



Transmission Parts


Key Items of Interest:



Shifter Canes




Click on any item description in blue below to expand its details for purchase.

For your reference, all asterixed * items below are included in our master rebuild kit, above.

Items indicated with a double asterix ** below are not available singly, but are included in our master rebuild kit, above.

Items indicated with a triple asterix *** below are not available singly, but are included in assembly #25 below.

Items indicated with a "" are not available singly, but are included in the Small Parts Kit, #A below.

A. Kit, small parts *
1. Bolt, front input retainer
2. Retainer, bearing, front input
3. Gasket, front input bearing retainer *
4. Seal, oil, input shaft *
4a. Ring, snap, retaining, front input shaft *‡
Uncommon & early ball bearing version only
4b. Bearing, ball roller style (rare: GM & early Dodge / Ford only)
4c. Slinger, oil, input shaft bearing
5,6. Bearing, Cup, tapered roller, front input (common) *
7. Shaft, input (or main drive gear)
8. Bearings, needle roller, mainshaft pilot (14) *
9. Washer, retaining *‡
10. Ring, snap, retaining*‡
11. Bearing, drawn cup, needle roller, closed end, cluster, front *
12. Plug, drain / fill
13. Bolt & lockwasher
14. Cover, PTO port
15. Gasket, PTO port cover *
16. Washer, thrust, cluster shaft *‡
17. Gear, cluster, countershaft
18. Bearing race, thrust, cluster gear **
19. Bearing, thrust, needle rollers, cluster shaft, rear *‡
20. Gasket, rear, countershaft retainer *
21. Bearing, needle roller, caged, countershaft rear *
22. Retainer, countershaft rear bearing
New, billet version
23. Bolt & lockwasher
25. Assembly, synchronizer, 3rd - 4th, includes aluminum rings & slider, one-piece bonded style, updated *
24. Plate, synchronizer, 3rd-4th, outer steel (Only Used Synchronizers Available)
26. Ring, synchronizer, 3rd-4th, aluminum, earlier separate design* Unavailable. Use upgraded #25, above
27. Slider, synchronizer clutch, 3rd-4th, earlier separate design*
28. Ring, snap, retaining, 3rd-4th syncrho hub (early ball bearing input design only) *‡
29. Bearing, thrust, needle rollers, 3rd-4th synchro hub face (later, front tapered bearing version only) **
30. Hub, synchronizer, 3rd - 4th gear
31. Shims, syncrhonizer assembly, 3rd - 4th gear *‡
32. Gear, 3rd
33. Ring, snap, retaining, split, 2nd gear *‡
34. Ring, snap, retaining, 2nd gear synchro ring *‡

Call for availability of WT291-21

35. Gear, 2nd
36. Spring, flat, coil, 1st-2nd gear syncrhonizer
37. Ring, synchronizer, 1st - 2nd, aluminum w/pins
38. Shaft, main
Novak carries various good used versions. Contact us with your application.
39. Gear, 1st & reverse, slider, 37 tooth
40. Spacer, mainshaft bearing
41. Bearing, mainshaft, rear
42. Gear, speedometer drive (2wd models) varies
43. Gasket, rear, tailhousing / adapter *
44. Tailhousing (2wd) or Adapter (4wd), rear output
Novak carries various good used versions. Contact us with your application
45. Bolt & lockwasher
46. Seal, oil, rear output
47. Nut, mainshaft yoke, 1" x 20, 1-1/2" socket (some models)
48. Ring, snap, retaining *‡
49. Washer, needle bearing retaining*
50. Bearings, needle roller, reverse idler gear (68) *(some models only)
51. Washer, needle bearings separator * (some models only)
52. Race, inner, needle bearing
53. Gear, reverse idler
54. Shaft, idler, reverse
55. Plate, lock, reverse idler 56. Bolt & lockwasher

Transmission Shifter Control Housing Top Cover Kits & Components


Key Items of Interest:

Click on any item description in blue below to expand its details for purchase. You can use your browser's Back button to return to this page and your cart items will remain.

For your reference, all asterixed * items below and shaded in red on the above diagram are included in our top cover small parts kit #SP291-50Y. Diagramed items shaded in green are in our #SLR-176K shift retention kit.

Items indicated with a "" are not available singly, but are included in the top cover small parts kit, #A below.



A. Kit, top cover rebuild (see #SP291-50Y, adjacent)
B. Kit, shifter retention (see #SLR-176K, adjacent)
1. Knob, shifter
2. Nut, jam, 3/8-24
3. Boot, mini, shifter tower housing
4. Cap, retaining, transmission shifter stick
5. Washer, domed, shifter stick seat
6. Spring, shifter stick seat
7. Stick, shifter cane (see, adjacent)
8. Pins, shifter stick alignment *‡
9. Plugs, expansion, shift rail bores *‡
11. Bolt, shouldered, precision alignment
12. Gasket, top cover (available with gasket kit only)
10. Switch, reverse lights
13. Fork, shifter, reverse
14. Pin, roll, shifter interlock *‡
15. Plunger, shifter interlock, reverse lug
16. Spring, shifter interlock, reverse lug *‡
17. Gate, gearshift reverse, front
18. Clip, C-style, reverse shift lug plunger *‡
19. Pin, roll, shifter interlock *‡
20. Interlock, shift rail *‡
21. Spring, shifter poppet *‡
22. Ball, shifter poppet *‡
23. Rail, shifter, reverse
24. Rail, shifter, 3rd-4th
25. Interlock, shift rail *‡
26. Spring, shifter poppet *‡
27. Ball, shifter poppet *‡
28. Pin, roll, shifter interlock *‡
29. Fork, shifter, 3rd-4th
30. Insert, shoe, shifter, 3rd-4th *
31. Pin, roll, shifter interlock *‡
32. Fork, shifter, 1st-2nd
33. Insert, shoe, shifter, 1st-2nd *
34. Gate, shift rail, 1st-2nd
35. Pin, roll, shift rail interlock *‡
36. Spring, shifter poppet *‡
37. Ball, shifter poppet *‡
38. Rail, shifter, 1st-2nd
39. Interlock, shift rail *‡