Full Master Rebuilt Transfer Case


Our Dana 300 is professionally and meticulously rebuilt. We use the best components, including bearings, bushings, seals and gaskets built by our Dana 300 specialist and expert. Any available updates and improvements are performed.


Because of the many variations involved and shipping cost variations, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will help you put together your transfer case to best fit your requirements. If purchasing online, choose the "Contact me with a shipping quote cost" shipping option.



Transfer cases are built to order and take 1-6 weeks to ship. Contact us for current build times.




Your transfer case package is palleted, wrapped, fully insured and ready to bolt into your application. Novak will seek the best competitive shipping rates with our extensive trucking networks. It will arrive at a location of your choosing, though we strongly recommend a business location with a dock / forklift for delivery, as residential and liftgate fees can add up to an extra $100. per delivery.

All transmissions and transfer cases are built to order. Average lead times vary from days to weeks depending on the time of year. Please call our salesmen at 877-602-1500 for current lead times.

Parts for the

Dana Model 300 Transfer Case

The Jeep & IH Dana Spicer 300 is a phenomenally good transfer case on the trail and street. Professional level rebuild work is possible for the conscientious shade tree rebuilder.

We offer nearly all parts at the component level, and our master rebuild kit, which includes the most thorough collection of parts offered anywhere.


For 1980 Short Output Jeep D300


For 1981-1986 Long Output Jeep D300

For 1980 IH Scout D300

The Master Kit 

Our master rebuild kit has been assembled for our customer's rebuilds as well as our own. It is the most complete kit we've seen anywhere and features all bearings, seals, gaskets, O-rings, fork inserts, output yoke nuts & washers, shims & small parts - everything required to bring your 300 to peak strength and tune. We use only premium (Timken®, BCA®, Nachi®, Torrington® and Koyo®) bearings. Our exclusive intermediate shafts are made at Novak from a triple-alloy gear steel and case-hardened to exceptional hardness and are the strongest and hardest shafts available. They also feature o-ring grooves at both ends, assuring a better seal than factory; extra o-rings are also included.

If you're unsure of whether you've got the 1980, short output style 300, or the 1981- , long output style 300, read our Knowledge Base article, here.


All kits include all the bearings, seals, gaskets, shims, small parts, intermediate shaft, and comprehensive rebuild guide.

Applications & Compatibility 

This kit fits all Jeep Dana 300 Transfer cases and IH Dana 300 transfer cases as specified above.

Related Products 

The Intermediate Shaft Kits

These kits are a reduced version of our Master Kits. They contain the specially hardened intermediate shaft, O-rings, thrust washers, bearings, and snap ring.



Dana 300 Billet Bottom Cover Pan Dana300pans.png

This extended capacity, billet bottom pan is the answer to a few Dana transfer case dilemmas. Its rigid construction replaces the thin, warped factory pans virtually assuring a drip-free seal and adds rigidity to the transfer case. The pan is made of corrosion resistant 6061 aluminum and then anodized grey for further protection.

Two designs are available for the Dana 300:

  • The shallower depth, low-profile version for Jeeps requiring greater ground clearance. This version increases fluid capacity over the factory pan by about 6 oz.
  • The extended depth version that maximizes the fluid capacity for the most punishing service. This version increases fluid capacity over the factory pan by about 16 oz.

Included are the stainless socket head button cap screws, drain plug, and sealing washer.

Dana 300 Front Output Rear Bearing Cap


The Novak Dana 300 front output rear bearing caps were designed as an upgrade to eliminate any gear oil leaking from this location. The factory bearing/shim cover is one of the few notorious locations a leak can be found on the Dana 300 case. This is due to the shims being placed between the case & the cap, with only a copper spray-gasket applied to the shims to seal the cover. The Novak shim/bearing cover utilizes a three tier O-ring setup to seal the case from leaking; two O-rings per bolt, one inside & one outside the cover, as well as one larger O-ring following the hole path inside the cap. This triple O-ring design is sure to eliminate your likely present oil leak at the bearing/shim cover. Installation of these kits is quite simple, especially with the help of the included detailed instructions.

Read the review at 4x4review.com

Dana 300 Gaskets & Seals Set

There's not a better gaskets and seals kit available. This one makes it possible to have a Dana 300 and a drip-free garage floor.


dana_300_broken_twisted_output_shaftHD Output Assemblies

The Dana 300 is a very strong transfer case in stock form. However as power levels or loads go up, you start to find the weak links in any chain. After a good solid rebuild with our center pin, the next place to look to upgrade is the output shaft. That is the “fuse” in a D300. We carry two 32 spline heavy duty output assemblies for the Dana 300. With our 300RX you also get a much shorter assembly.

The factory output shafts are strong, but 26 splines just doesn't cut it for Jeeps seeing greater strains due to tire size, terrain difficulty, Jeep weight and power. 

Dana 300 Ultra-Short HD Rear Output Assembly

We are proud to offer the ultimate rear output assembly for the D300 transfer case, our own 300RX


The Kit

This kit comes largely pre-assembled and includes the 32 spline output shaft, tailhousing, opposed tapered roller bearings and cups, seal, drive flange, drive flange nut, reluctor ring, breather fitting, port plug, shims, and pilot bearing. The speed sensor is not included and available separately below to meet your applications needs.


Highlights of the 300RX:

  • Universal companion flange to fit a variety of u-joint and driveshaft styles
  • Hardened alloy shaft, featuring 32 splines
  • Massive, dual, tapered roller bearings
  • A terrifically stable bearing-on-yoke design for long wear and vibration minimization
  • Innovative removal of stress risers and cross-section material maximization in the output shaft
  • Dual, spiraled and funneled oil pickup / drain ports with a generous oiling cavity for outstanding bearing lubrication and cooling
  • Input shaft pilot bearing is grooved with a dual helix for active oil pumping in both forward and reverse operation
  • The output shaft is machined and specially heat-treated for strength and case hardness
  • The tailhousing is cast from 356 aluminum then strengthened and hardened to a T6 condition

The 300RX is compatible with all versions of the D300 1980-1986 including the 1980 short and IH. It works with all known gearsets and adaptations in standard or flipped configuration with dual breather ports to accommodate either orientation. Because of the extreme short length, it will only accommodate an electronic speed signal. 3 pulse (stock later model Jeep) or 40 pulse (standard late GM) reluctor options are available. If no sensor is ordered, that port will come with a plug where the sensor would go.


Chrysler/Jeep, three-wire square wave, generally used with the 3 pulse wheel


GM, two-wire sine wave, generally used with the 40 pulse wheel

Length and Driveshaft Compatibility



The most common factory (1981-1986) version of the Dana 300 (left) vs. the Novak 300RX version, making for the shortest Dana 300 on the planet. 

For comparison, the following measurements are from the rear face of the transfer case to the center of the universal joint:

  • Stock long output 6.425"
  • Stock short output 5.375"
  • 300RX 4.625" - 1.8" shorter than the long output version and 0.75" shorter than the short output version


300rx_direct_rear_viewInstallation is straightforward, requiring the removal of the original factory tailhousing assembly. Prerequisite to this is the removal of the intermediate shaft assembly and front input shaft assembly. The endplay of the shaft bearings is already pre-set, simplifying reassembly by the installer.

The dual pattern flange will accept most any of the 1300 series joints in either a single u-joint or CV /Double-Cardan. Driveshaft length and connection will need to be changed. The following mating flanges are some of the more common types.

  • 1310 Standard U-joint - Spicer #2-2-939
  • 1310 CV joint - Spicer #211229X
  • 1350 Standard U-joint - Spicer #3-2-1619
  • 1350 CV Joint - Spicer #212024X

Standard Length 32 Spline HD Output

This version of the HD output will work on 1981-1986 D300 models. It will not fit 1980 or IH versions. Supplied with a 1310 CV style yoke and otherwise mirrors the stock length and speedometer compatibility while adding a substantial strength improvement.

Input shafts

The factory shaft input splines were roll forged, and not as precisely as can be achieved with rotational shaper cutting. As a result, factory splines seem to wear down excessively. Novak's 23 spline input shaft is a precision, hardened replacement for factory 23 spline shafts when used with the SR4, T4, T5 transmissions or in certain conversion applications. Because of the extended input splines of this shaft, they are not compatible with the T176 transmission.


Installation Requirements

It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our included instruction guide. We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers, and a small arbor press, in addition to standard shop tools. A detailed rebuild guide is included with the master rebuild kits.

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