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Parts for the
Dana Model 18 Transfer Case

Parts for the Dana 18 Transfer Case

The Jeep & IH Dana Spicer 18 is still one of the most respected transfer cases on the trail. Professional level rebuild work is possible for the conscientious shadetree rebuilder.

We offer nearly all parts at the component level, and our master rebuild kit, which includes the most thorough collection of parts offered anywhere.

The Master Kit
Our master rebuild kit has been assembled for our customer's rebuilds as well as our own. It is the most complete kit we've seen anywhere and features all the consumable and wear item components.

There are three kits available; one for each of the three major generations of the Model 18.

Rebuild Requirements
It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our included instruction guide.

We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers, and a small arbor press, in addition to standard shop tools. The full rebuild procedure is covered here.

Other Components
Essentially all parts for the Dana 18, including gears, shafts, etc. are available new and affordably so. Our parts ordering module is provided below. For anything not shown, contact us.


Dana 18 Rebuild Kit

- For Early Generation Versions -
Kit 18MR-1, master rebuild, Jeep Dana Spicer Model 18 transfer case, 3/4" intermediate shaft version
Part #: 18MR-1
Weight: 4.48
Price: $268.00
- For Mid Generation Versions -
Kit 18MR-2, master rebuild, Dana 18 transfer case with 1-1/8" intermediate shaft
Part #: 18MR-2
Weight: 4.37
Price: $248.00
- For Late Generation Versions -
Kit 18MR-3, master rebuild, Jeep Dana Spicer Model 18 transfer case, 1-1/4" intermediate shaft versions
Part #: 18MR-3
Weight: 4.55
Price: $206.00

The Intermediate Shaft Kits
These kits are a reduced version of our Master Kits. They contain the specially hardened intermediate shaft, o-rings, thrust washers, bearings and snap ring.

- For 3/4" Versions -
Kit TCM, intermediate shaft, 3/4", Model 18 transfer case
Part #: TCM
Weight: 1.52
Price: $119.00

- For 1-1/8" Versions - Dana 18 Rebuild Kit
Kit TCE, intermediate shaft, 1-1/8", Model 18 transfer case
Part #: TCE
Weight: 2.17
Price: $139.00

- For 1-1/4" Versions -

Kit TCL, intermediate shaft, Dana 1-1/4" transfer cases
Part #: TCL
Weight: 2.34
Price: $98.00


Dana 18 Billet Bottom Cover Pan
This extended capacity, billet bottom pan is the answer to a few Dana transfer case dilemmas. Its rigid flange replaces the thin, warped factory pans and virtually assures a drip-free seal.

In addition to this, its deeper pocket increases the fluid capacity of the Dana transfer case by about 16 oz., increasing the life of the components within. Dana 18 Bottom Pan

The pan is made of corrosion resistant 6061 aluminum and then anodized in clear zinc for further protection.

Included are the stainless socket head button cap screws, drain plug and sealing washer.

Kit D328-D, billet aluminum bottom cover pan, Dana transfer cases, deep version
Part #: D328-D
Weight: 2.93
Price: $128.00
Includes the pan, drain plug and stainless fastening hardware. Gasket not included - RTV silicone will seal these machined surfaces best.

Read the review at 4x4review.com

Dana 18 Gaskets & Seals Set
There's not a better gaskets and seals kit available. This one makes it possible to have a Dana 18 and a drip-free garage floor. The pan gasket itself (usually the most problematic) is cut from a rubber-cork compound.

Dana 18 Gaskets & Seals

Kit GS18, Gaskets, seals and front output shim pack for the Model 18 & 20 transfer cases
Part #: GS18
Weight: 0.14
Price: $41.00

Dana 18 PTO Port Cover
Sometimes utility and eye-candy can cross over. But, go ahead and get it muddy if you'd like. After seeing the difficulty of finding Dana 18 PTO covers, we added this one to our line-up. It's made from 3/16" thick aluminum (great for heat dissipation), media tumbled and anodized black. We follow up with a little engraving. Because of its rigidity, it will seal better than factory PTO cover.

Dana 18 PTO Port Cover

Cover, PTO port, Dana 18 transfer case, aluminum, black anodized
Part #: F-PTO18
Weight: 0.45
Price: $35.57


Dana 18 Diagram

Click Here for the Input Gear Chart

All asterixed (*) items are already included in our master rebuild kit, above.

1. Companion Flange
3. Emergency Brake Drum
3. Emergency Brake Shoes
4. Brake Operating Lever
5. Bearing Cap Oil Seal *
6. Brake Operating Lever Stud
7. Rear Bearing Cap
8. Rear Bearing Cap Shim Set *
9. Bolt
10. Lockwasher
11. Bolt
12. Transfer Case Rear Cover
13. Gasket, rear cover *
14. Intermediate Shaft Lock Plate
15. Transfer Case
16. Shift Rod
17. Poppet Plug
18. Poppet Spring *
19. Poppet Ball *
20. Shift Rod Interlock
21. Gasket, bearing cap *
22. Cap, front bearing
23. Breather
24. Seal, oil, shift rail *
25. End Yoke
26. Gasket, oil seal *
27. Bolt
28. Lockwasher
29. Shift Rod
30. Front Wheel Drive Shift Fork
31. Underdrive and Direct Shift Fork
32. Filler Plug
33. Gear, input shaft
34. Washer, input gear
35. Washer, thrust *
36. Gear, intermediate
37. Ring, retaining / snap, front output bearing *
38. Bearing, front output shaft*
39. Nut, companion flange
40. Washer, plain
41. Output Clutch Shaft
42. Output Clutch Shaft Gear
43. Ring, snap / retaining, front output shaft*
44. Washer, thrust *
45. Output Shaft Gear
46. Gear, output shaft, sliding
47. Bushing, output shaft pilot *
48. Shaft, output
49. Bearing, tapered roller, rear output *
50. Cup, tapered roller, rear output *
51. Gear, speedometer drive
52. Bearings, needle roller *
53. Spacer, bearing *
54. Shaft, intermediate idler *
55. Plug, drain
56. Gasket, bottom cover *
57. Nut, input shaft
58. Cover, bottom (pan)
59. Speedometer Driven Gear Sleeve
60. Speedometer Driven Gear (15-t)
61. Speedometer Driven Gear Bushing
62. Gasket, rear output *
63. Bolt
64. Bolt
65. Bolt
66. Bolt
67. Lockwasher
68. Nut
69. Seal, oil, felt *