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Novak Conversions - Powertrain Quote

Integrated Powertrain Packages

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One of the most exciting things that has been happening at Novak is the introduction of a supreme way for us to assist our customers in performing a Jeep powertrain conversion.

By integrating and providing the entire Jeep's new powertrain, we shoulder the most significant technical portions of the conversion process.

We can provide:

Every powertrain we build is fully assembled on a test stand and then we run it, testing the operation of all systems, including the computer. Once satisfied, we then detach the assembly from the stand and lower it into a crate for shipment.

A Gen III Powertrain

The customer can then place the full powertrain into the Jeep chassis and weld/bolt on the provided frame brackets, connect a minimal number of wires and hoses, and the driveshafts. It is the easiest and fastest way for a customer to do a premium conversion with great simplicity, enjoyment and success.

We'll typically source a low-miles salvage engine of the customer's choice. Popular choices of engines include:

A 4.8L V8 with SM465 Transmission

We can also work with choice, local engine rebuilders if the customer wishes to have a rebuilt or performance-optioned powerplant.

We will build your manual or automatic transmission, installing any required Novak adaptation shafts and components. Our manual transmissions are built like our TurnKey transmissions and our automatic transmissions are built to standard or performance levels, as requested.

Transfer Cases
Most commonly, we use the customer's transfer case. We can arrange shipping to us if you'd like it rebuilt / enhanced or we can supply one from our collection. Any transfer case provided from us will be rebuilt.

Your Jeep
We can build a powertrain for essentially any Jeep, including all Willys & Kaiser Universals, Utility Trucks & Wagons, FSJ's, Jeepsters, CJ's, YJ's, TJ's and XJ's/MJ's.

PCM Programming

Build An Estimate
You'll notice a floating total window at your right. Fill in the form below and this page will generate a generally close quote on your powertrain. Because there are usually additional details for each customer and their Jeep project, this quote page should be regarded as a rough guideline only and in accordance with our polices.

If you're interesting in pursuing it further, fill in your details at the bottom of the form and we'll get in contact with you with more information or a more detailed, itemized quote if necessary.

JeepModel * Required







Year * Required
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Package Type * Required
Engine Package
 Please enter the transmission you'll be using:
Engine and Transmission Package
Engine Source * Required
Rebuilt Engine
Low Milage
Engine Type * Required
4.3L V6 LU3 series, 195HP, 265 ft/lb, 20-23 mpg
4.8L V8 LR4 series, 270HP, 285 ft/lb, 20-23 mpg
5.3L V8 LM7 series, 305HP, 335 ft/lb, 19-22 mpg
5.3L V8 L33 series, 325HP, 345 ft/lb, 18-21 mpg (aluminum block)
5.7L V8 LS1 series, 305-345HP, 325-355 lb-ft, 17-22 mpg
6.0L V8 LQ4 series, 315HP, 365 ft/lb, 17-19 mpg
6.0L V8 LQ9 series, 345HP, 380 ft/lb, 16-18 mpg
Transfer Case * Required
Customer provides T-case for Novak master rebuild.
Complete Novak Master Rebuild. Novak will provide and rebuild the T-case.
I will handle the Transfer Case myself.
Transfer Case:
Dana 18
Dana 20
Dana 300
NP 242
NP 241OR
NP 231
Additional Upgrades & Options
Transfer case shifter (twin stick for Dana units. Mechanical or cable linkage for NP units)
Transfer case gearset upgrade (i.e., 4:1)
Transfer case HD output shaft (or SYE) upgrade
Transfer case master rebuild kit (for customer's own build)
Automatic transmission upgrade
Ceramic coated headers upgrade
Billet transfer case pan (Dana 18/20/300 units only)
A/C compressor (CJ, YJ, FSJ Jeeps)
A/C compressor & relocation kit (recommended for TJ & XJ conversions)
Automatic transmission cooler lines
Additional Information * Required

Please tell us about your current powertrain configuration.
Transfer Case:
Additional Information:
Contact Information * Required

Thank you for Filling out a quotation, please take the time to give us your contact information. A sales representative will contact you shortly to discus the details of your Jeep powertrain integration.

You may also contact us yourself during our buisness hours for a fast, personalized quote from one of our knowledgable Jeep technicians.

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