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Installing Chevrolet & GM Engines



gm_ls6_thumbTrends with Jeeps come and go, but engine swapping is the steadily rising constant, and today, conversions in Jeeps are done more often than in the hot-rod glory days of decades past... and these conversions are done cleanly and with greater success than ever before.

The one statement we hear most from customers goes something like this: "My engine conversion was the most significant/satisfying/benificial upgrade that I have made to my Jeep."

And so it is.

These following articles have evolved from original versions written in the late 1960's, and then continuously updated.

This gateway will guide you to information about the Chevrolet or GM engine upgrade you may be planning or considering:


cj3b_slide5Early CJ & Military Universals, 1946-1971

These earlier Jeeps are where the swapping hobby began. This category begins with the CJ2 and spans up through the CJ6. Read on...


cj7_slideCJ Universals, 1972-1986

Comprising the:


yj_sahara_slideYJ Wranglers, 1987-1995

The YJ is very popular and accommodating to GM power. Read on...


tj_rubicon_slideTJ / LJ Wranglers, 1997-2006

The TJ Jeeps are being converted with a frequency that not even we expected. Here's what it takes...


xj_cherokee_slideXJ Cherokee / MJ Commanche, 1984-2001

Cherokee and Commanche conversions are easier and more successful than ever. Here's what we've learned...


wagoneer_slideFSJ Jeeps, 1962-1991

Among the easiest conversions of them all. These Jeeps include the:


utility_wagon_slideUtility Trucks & Wagons, 1947-1964

The Utility Series Jeeps accept classic and modern GM power very well. Read on...


m715_slideKaiser Military Trucks, 1966-1971

The Kings of the Jeeps, and very open to some serious repowering. They include the:


c101_slideJeepster Commandos, 1966-1973

Based closely on the CJ6, these Jeeps have swank and style, but many of them need some motivation.


fc170_slideFC Forward Control Trucks, 1966-1971

These Jeeps are so immensely cool. Some should be left as original collectors, but some that have had modifications, which make them fair game for a GM power upgrade.