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T90 Transmission


The T90 is as much a tradition as it is a transmission for classic Jeep people. It is a legendary gearbox and surprisingly tough. However, a couple of the T90's kinks are a bit legendary themselves. We carry what it takes to iron them out and make lasting improvements.

After 40 years of rebuilding these transmissions, we've assembled the most complete master rebuild kits available anywhere.

A T90 that pops out of second gear, has excessive noise, leakage and looseness in operation can be repaired and solved.

The Master Rebuild Kit

T90 Transmission Rebuild Kit

Kit T90MR-J, master rebuild, T90 transmission, Jeep, 1945-1971, includes Novak extra-hardened counter shaft

We excel in providing our curated selection of parts, including our specially hardened cluster idler shaft which will provide far longer service and quieter operation. Novak also provides a sealed input bearing and plug method, which can eliminate leaks when used in conjunction with the factory felt seal, which is far superior to the conventional method of using the felt seal alone.

Rebuild Requirements

It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our instruction guide.

We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers and pullers in addition to a standard tool set.

Other T90 Components

Use our parts selector below to purchase hard parts or rebuild parts a la carte.

Sealed front bearing is provided but not pictured.

For IH Scout T90 parts, contact us and we'll help you determine which rebuild kit or parts will be appropriate.


Click on any item description in blue below to expand its details for purchase.

For your reference, all asterixed * items below are included in our master rebuild kit, above.

Items indicated with a "‡" are not available singly, but are available in the Small Parts Kit, #A below.

A. Kit, small parts *. Includes all items listed below with a "‡"
B. Kit, gaskets and front seal
1. Ring, retaining, front bearing to case *‡
2. Ring, retaining, front input shaft to bearing *‡
3. Bearing, front input shaft *
4. Slinger, front input bearing *‡
5. Shaft, input, main drive gear
6. Bearings, needle rollers, input shaft to mainshaft *‡
7. Ring, synchronizer, 3rd gear *
8. Ring, retaining, 2nd-3rd clutch hub to mainshaft *‡
9. Spring, radial, 2nd-3rd clutch hub *‡
10. Keys, synchronizer (also called pawls, dogs, struts, etc.) *‡
11. Hub, synchronizer, 2nd-3rd gear
12. Spring, radial, 2nd-3rd clutch hub *‡
13. Clutch, sliding, 2nd-3rd gear
14. Ring, synchronizer, 2nd gear *
15. Gear, mainshaft 2nd *
16. Shaft, main
17. Gear, sliding, 1st-Reverse
18. Spacer, mainshaft to rear bearing
19. Retainer, adapter, rear output bearing
20. Bearing, rear output *
21. Washer, transfer case input gear retention *‡
22. Nut, transfer case input gear retention *
23. Washer, thrust, cluster gear front *‡
24. Gear, counter/cluster
25. Washer, needle bearing spacer *‡
26. Tube, slotted, cluster shaft *
27. Bearings, needle roller, cluster shaft idling *‡
28. Washer, thrust, cluster gear rear *‡
29. Washer, thrust, case to cluster gear *‡
30. Shaft, cluster idler *
31. Plate, retaining, reverse & cluster idler shafts *‡
32. Gear, idler, reverse
33. Shaft, idler, reverse
34. Plug, top cover shift rail port (no longer avail.)
35. Spring, shift rail poppet *
36. Ball, shift rail poppet *‡
37. Bolt, top cover *
38. Washer, lock, top cover *
39. Cover, top, control housing
40. Interlock, shifter rails
41. Bolt, front input bearing retainer *
42. Retainer, front input bearing
43. Seal, front input shaft *
44. Gasket, front input bearing retainer *
45. Spring, shifter cane
46. Gasket, top cover *
47. Bolt, oil collector *
48. Collector, oil
49. Plug, drain
50. Case, transmission
51. Plug, fill
52. Gasket, rear, transfer case *
53. Fork, shifter, 2nd-3rd gears
54. Pin, shifter fork to rail *
55. Rail, shift, 2nd-3rd gears
56. Rail, shift, 1st-Reverse
57. Fork, shifter, 1st-Reverse gears
58. Pin, shifter fork to rail *
59. Seal, oil, side shift versions only
60. Cane, shifter

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