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Rear Mount Units for Jeeps


Sometimes called a "rear engine mount", these transmission and transfer case mounts are a critical part of the Jeep powertrain's support onto the crossmember or skid pan.

Product & Features


This popular Borg-Warner style rear mount (image, below) is 1-7/8"tall. It matches the bolt holes in most of our adapter housings. It is used on installations where a rear mount can be attached directly or where you may need to make a custom bracket.

Applications & Compatibility

Used with most Novak adapter attaching to either the adapter itself or to a steel bracket included with the assembly designed for this purpose.

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These Model 18 transfer case side mounts are exact replacements of the originals. Both upper and lower isolator cushions are included.


This rear mount is a superior version to the original QuadraTrac to TH400 adapter as found on 1973-1979 Jeeps. The factory original had a single post to the crossmember, and is notorious for premature failure. This improved mount features two studs into the crossmember (the customer will have to redrill the crossmember) and urethane, interlocked construction.


Installation Requirements

Installation of the RMU will often require a spacer or bracket be made to attach to an existing crossmember or skidplate. This is usually a quite simple procedure. Some guidelines to remember is to keep the driveline parallel to the centerline of the Jeep. That is, the crank centerline should be the same distance from the centerline of the vehicle as the rear output shaft (if the transfer case has a centered rear output, you’ll have to get more creative for this on a D18 or Quadratrac). The driveline should tip 3-7 degrees down in the rear.

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