Universal Transmission Mount

for the

AX15 & NV3550 Transmissions


The AX15 has become a remarkably popular conversion transmission in a variety of Jeeps. The NV3550 is also used for many conversions. One of the challenges to installing them has been the lack of a good transmission mount that is configurable to the countless and different installation situations.

Product & Features


The AX15 and NV3550 each feature a threaded base for support and isolation of the transmission and transfer case. Factory style isolator mounts are difficult to work with in any situation other than as a direct factory replacement. Novak has engineered a universal style rear mount that is easy to affix to a variety of Jeep crossmembers and is very strong and adjustable for height and longitude. We recommend it in any retrofit situation.

Applications & Compatibility

Universal application rear mount for the AX15 and NV3550 transmissions. This mount is most useful for powertrain or transmission conversion situations. If an individual is merely mounting a factory powertrain set-up to a factory crossmember, an aftermarket improved urethane mount may be a better choice.

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Installation Requirements

The RMAX15 is not likely to match up to existing crossmember holes, given the broad number of varying custom applications, so some crossmember drilling is required and fastening hardware and instructions are provided. 

Some possible mounting configurations are shown here:


Foot rearward, offset turned up, no spacers... for low profile installation situations such as tummy tuck skid plates.


Foot rearward, offset turned down, no spacers.


Foot rearward, offset turned up, spacers.


Foot forward, offset turned down, spacers.

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