Conversion Headers

for the

Buick 90 Degree V6 in Jeeps

The Buick 90 Degree V6 engine remains a popular swap in many models of Jeeps. To make for a cleaner installation and to open up some of the V6's power potential, we are providing this set of headers that has been used in a variety of Jeep installations with success. These headers will work with 225, 231 and 252 versions of this engine.

Product & Features


About the Headers 

The header starts with a generous, 3/8" thick manifold flange. A patented port-seal surface is face ground at the mounting face of the engine head such that they can be used without a gasket (see installation notes below for more information). Headers feature 1-1/2" primary tubes with a 2-1/2" three-bolt style collector. The headers are a medium length, measuring 12" & 13" from the center of the head flange to the bottom of the collector.

In the box

Included are Left and Right headers, header-to-head bolts along with instructions. Gaskets and collector bolts are not included.

Coated or Natural Steel 

The basic header is offered in natural steel, which the customer can optionally have finished in a variety of hi-temp enamels or other finishes that will offer rust protection and good appearance.

The best thermal and corrosion protection for your headers is our Aluminized Ceramic Coating. This finish offers the added benefit of lower under-hood temperatures and the highest level of protection to the header.

Applications & Compatibility


The Buick 90 Degree V6 engine of 225, 231 and 252 cid with BOP (Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac) bellhousing pattern are compatible with these headers. Later 60 degree pattern bellhousing front and rear wheel drive versions are NOT compatible with the headers.


With a few exceptions, these headers fit very well in most applications or can be made to fit with some modifications as described in the installation notes below.

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Installation Requirements

Recommended installation to the engine is high temperature RTV such as Ultra Black® without a gasket. We have found this works exceptionally well. Some have used the original equipment type MLS (multi-layer steel) gaskets with good success. Collector gaskets and bolts are not included with the headers. We recommend using solid copper gaskets to avoid blowouts at that joint. Instructions are provided with the headers.

The short, block-hugging design allows the installer to have the exhaust routed in one of the following three popular ways: 

  • One circuit under the oil pan, just in front of the sump merging into the opposite circuit which is typically run rearward on the side of the Jeep opposite that of the drop of its transfer case.
  • As above, but under the bellhousing slope.
  • As above, but behind the transfer case. Then, the exhaust tailpipe can exit the Jeep on either the driver's or passenger's side.

Compatibility for Pre-1972 Jeeps

Pre-1972 Jeeps that use the Ross bellcrank steering conglomeration won't be compatible with these headers in most situations. A Saginaw steering conversion is recommended, and for more reasons than just exhaust clearance. However, because of the variety of methods used in these steering and some engine conversions, Novak cannot guarantee that our Buick V6 headers will work for your situation.

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