Air Intake Ducting

Easy and professional looking air intake ducting for fuel-injection conversions are now available at Novak.

Product & Features


These 4" diameter components are the most commonly used sizes for Vortec and other Gen. III+ intakes.

These thick-wall elbows and aluminum tubing make building a structurally sound and leak-free intake system a straightforward task.

The elbows come in 90 degree and 45 degree bends.

The hose clamps are the strongest style available. Standard (off-the-shelf) hose clamps can be used, but for the heavier portions of the intake - such as the joints just off the throttle body and to the MAF sensor - we recommend this style of clamp.

The aluminum tubing comes in 6" contiguous increments and can be easily cut to best match your installation. Once your ducting is routed and installed, you can follow up with any variety of intake air cleaner assembly, such as AEM, K&N, Airaid and others.



These are examples of popular ways to route the intakes. In the upper picture, the aluminum tubing is left natural, and in the lower picture, the aluminum tubing has been enameled.