GM Gen III+ Engine Top Cover Kit

We've had several requests for this part as seen on our TurnKey Powertrains.

Product & Features


GM Gen III+ Vortec engines feature tall intake manifolds as a factor in generating their terrific torque. Additionally, the factory top covers add as much as 1-1/2" of non-functional, cosmetic height to a GM Vortec engine. This height can get them too close to the hoods of CJ, YJ and TJ Jeeps.

In our conversions, we remove the bulky factory top cover and replace it with this sleek and clean design.

The 6061 sheet aluminum cover is cleanly laser cut, anodized in black, laser etched and then rolled to a curve.

This cover uses the existing attachment points on the GM engine and comes with the necessary stainless steel fasteners and spacers. Instructions are included.

This cover is often used in conjunction with these EGR, Evaporative Emissions adapters, plugs and brake booster vacuum fitting.