GM Generation III & IV V8 Engine Mounts


JK Wrangler Jeeps

Novak's weld-in engine mounts for the Jeep JK Wrangler provide immense strength and a precise GM Vortec & LS V8 engine installation.

GM LS Vortec Engine Mounts for JK Wrangler Jeeps

Kit MMJK-G, engine mounts, GM Gen III engines to JK Jeeps, weld in

Kit contents:

  • Frame platform sets
  • Upper urethane bushings
  • Lower urethane bushings
  • Engine block plates
  • Fastening hardware
  • Instructions

Ease of Installation

Our JK engine mounts are engineered to be welded directly to the Jeep frame. Their geometry lends themselves to easy and accessible welds.


The Novak mounts feature thick 3/16” laser cut and CNC bent steel construction. Engineered using a welded box design geometry to provide maximum strength and assure that they will survive even the wildest V8's.

Vibration Isolation

Each mount kit comes with our high-grade urethane isolators that are specified for that ideal balance of isolation and firmness with the power of modern engines. Substantial 5/8” through bolts capture the assembly. Replacement bushing sets are available below should replacement ever be needed. See Related Products, below.


Geometry of the mounts is compact to provide clearance for all stock components, including the steering shaft with its pillow block and the recommended exhaust headers below. Unlike mounts for JK Hemi conversions that require special bump stops to limit suspension travel, these mounts allow for the full front axle compression.

Engine Mount Finish

As the mounts are welded to the frame, any finish on the frame side brackets as well as the frame would be burned. you may enamel, powder coat or otherwise finish the bracketry and adjacent frame area to your own style. Engine plates are coated in a rust resistant finish but may also be painted.

Applications & Compatibility

Compatible Jeeps

Jeep JK Engine Mount for LS Vortec
The Novak frame bracket, as attached to the Jeep frame rail.

These mounts fit all 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wranglers.

Compatible Engines

These mounts will fit the GM Gen III & IV LS / Vortec V8 engines. Gen V engines are not compatible with these mounts.

Installation Requirements

Removal of the factory frame mounts is required. This is best done with a separating disc, plasma cutter, torch, or reciprocating saw, followed up by a grinder or flap-wheel.

Engine Placement

Novak's JK mounts will allow for a small degree of fore / aft adjustment, however, it is recommended they be placed as designated for an optimal installation.

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