Product & Features


In order to run the 2012-2018 JK Pentastar fan, we recommend Novak's E-PWM controller. 

Getting this fan to run standalone has never been easier with the help of Novak's E-PWM JK fan controller. The fan will only work when a specific PWM signal is input through its green signal wire, usually supplied via the JK's TIMP. Novak's E-PWM controller takes the engine temperature from a standard GM temp sender and creates this specific signal to run the Pentastar fan exactly how your GM engine desires.

The Pentastar Fan Revolution

Historically, engine fans would run at 100% or off, causing them to constantly cycle on and off, sending the engine through countless heat cycles and putting a heavy draw on your vehicles electrical system.

Pentastar fan.jpg

The stock 2012-2018 PentaStar fan is an excellent piece of equipment. It's watertight, durable, efficient, and most importantly variable speed. As the engine heats up, the fan slowly increases speed to deliver exactly as much cooling as needed. This in turn puts less stress on your electrical system and keeps the engine bay from heat soaking in between standard fan cycles. High under hood temps cause premature failure of plastics, sensors and various other components.

E-PWM Features

Active Temperature Monitoring - A standard GM temp sensor is used to communicate the engine coolant temp to the module. As the engine heats up, the controller commands the fan to slowly ramp up. If the temp ever reaches 210°F, the fan will be spinning a 100%.

Optional very low idle speed - With the engine running, the fan constantly spins at its lowest setting (once above 165°F if the temp sensor is connected). Having constant air movement through the engine bay is important to keep the engine bay from heat soaking/saturating. High under hood temperatures can lead to overheating engines, plastics becoming brittle, and engine components and sensors failing prematurely. The fan only uses 1.5 amps when idling. If desired, this feature can be disabled via dip switches on the side of the module.

Slow ramp up - By slowly commanding the fan to speed up, the electrical amperage draw is slowly increased to a maximum of 30 amps instead of spiking to the range of 60-80 amps like a conventional cooling fan does while turning on.

LOW and HIGH fan speed control - These Low and High settings are commonly used to turn on fans when the vehicles air conditioning is running, or for manual operation such as dash switches or PCM fan outputs. The activation signal can either be 0v or 12v.

Applications & Compatibility

This controller will only work with 2012-2018 JK wrangler and 2018-current JT Gladiator fans.

If you have a 2007-2011 model radiator fan, we recommend sourcing a 2012-2018 JK Pentastar fan instead. To identify what fan you have, the 2007-2011 fans use a purple signal wire, while the 2012-2018 fans use a green activation wire.

Installation Requirements

A 12v+ key on power and ground is required for this module to function.

Installation requires that the installer be able to competently join the wire leads as directed in the instructions. This is best done with solder and thermal shrink wrap, followed up by wire loom. Physical installation into the Jeep engine bay is easy using the mounting tabs on the case of the module. Drilling is required.