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Novak Heavy Duty Radiator


1987-1995 YJ Jeeps

This is the Novak HD radiator and the most innovative radiator on the Jeep aftermarket. This version is designed for 1987-1995 Jeep YJ vehicles with conversion engines.

(Note: when ordering, permit 10-15 days for fulfillment, as these radiators are completed on demand. Thank you.) 

Product & Features





Aluminum radiator with cap and fittings, steel cradle, isolators, hardware assembled and ready to install.

Fan/shroud assemblies ordered with the radiator come pre-assembled for a “drop-in” package saving substantial time on your part. 



We use standard fittings and caps on our radiators, so the installer can have the flexibility to assemble the cooling system to the ideal specifications their Jeep may require.

The cross flow design radiator is manufactured from aluminum which has proven to be a much lighter, stronger and more efficient radiator cooling material. Tanks are CNC laser cut, bent and fabricated with billet aluminum fittings. The core features two rows of 1-1/4” wide tubes utilizing ideal fin density with louvered fins for optimal cooling capacity furnace brazed to the headers. These assemblies are TIG welded with the finest craftsmanship and pressure tested to exceed even high pressure systems. Our radiators are designed to facilitate the maximum amount of cooling possible in a narrow Jeep grille.



The brackets offer a degree of adjustability for possible special requirements specific to your application.

Unlike other radiator systems on the market the KryoFlow system is designed to meet the needs of a Jeep in an off-road environment. Typical “Jeep use” is very different from a race or street car, which never see the strains, flex and jarring typical of off-road use. Instead of using brackets welded to the tanks, our cradle grips and cushions the radiator with a compressible, heat-resilient silicone padding that allows the radiator to "float" eliminating fatigued radiator joints. Featuring a total of 6 isolators; two on the bottom hold pins positively locating the radiator while the tanks are held by two on either side.The bracket holds the radiator securely yet absorbs the twists and bumps of the trail isolating potential strains. 

The radiator is compatible with many electric and conventional mechanical fans. We recommend our FX Series Electric Fan which combine a high-powered fan and integrated shroud into one effective package available below.

Integrated Auto Transmission Coolers?

Because modern engines run a bit hotter than earlier engines and automatic transmissions prefer to be kept at cooler temperatures, we at Novak have decided to offer radiators without an integrated automatic transmission cooler option. These coolers are more effective run as separate units. This is a method that is confirmed by trends in the OEM automotive industry.


Cooling has been a major issue since the inception of swapping engines into Jeeps, yet the availability of decent bolt-in radiators that actually keep the engines cool has been either non-existent or prohibitively expensive, leaving the swapper to come up with various solutions that were less than ideal.


Our high powered integrated fan and shroud married directly to your radiator.

Applications & Compatibility

These assemblies are designed to fit the 1987-1995 YJ models with engine conversions appropriate to the model selected. The dimensions of the radiator are 22"W x 18.5"H x 7.5" D. Because of the extra radiator thickness these will not work with the stock 258 or 4.0L engine due to length constraints of the inline 6 cylinder configuration.

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**Fan/shroud assemblies ordered with the radiator come pre-assembled for a “drop-in” package saving substantial time on your part.




Installation Requirements

Typical mechanics hand tools along with the appropriate hoses, clamps, and coolant required with a normal radiator swap. After installing this upgrade radiator, we recommend that the installer should verify fan-to-radiator clearance and engine mount integrity before operating the Jeep.

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Radiator Warranty Policy

 Our radiators come with a 1-year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. Please note that evidence of electrolytic corrosion will void this warranty. If a warranty claim is made within the first year of purchase, 100% of the cost will be covered, minus the cost of shipping. If a warranty claim is made within the second year, 75% of the cost will be covered, minus the cost of shipping. If a warranty claim is made within the third year, 50% of the cost will be covered, minus the cost of shipping.