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KryoFlow HD Radiator


1987-2001 XJ / MJ Jeeps

The Novak KryoFlow HD XJ / MJ Cherokee & Comanche radiators are the final word in cooling for these Jeeps and will shed heat faster than any XJ radiator we've ever encountered.


Because of irregular supply chains and seasonal demand, your Novak radiator may not ship immediately, requiring a few days to prepare. If you are in a particular time crunch, contact us and we'll advise you on our ETA's. 

Product & Features



Aluminum radiator with inline cap and fittings, hardware assembled and ready to install.

Fan/shroud assemblies ordered with the radiator come pre-assembled for a “drop-in” package saving substantial time on your part.

For earlier Jeeps (1984-1996) that currently feature the remote fill pressure bottle, this new radiator will convert you to a significantly improved system that places the filler neck in the upper radiator hose. Your engine bay will be less cluttered, simplified and there is less risk of engine damage due to due to air pockets inherent to the complexity and design flaws of the earlier systems. The elimination of this headache will welcomed along with increased reliability of the Jeep's cooling system.


The cross flow design radiator is manufactured from aluminum which has proven to be a much lighter, stronger and more efficient radiator cooling material. Tanks are CNC laser cut, bent and fabricated with billet aluminum fittings. The core features two rows of 1-1/4” wide tubes utilizing ideal fin density with louvered fins for optimal cooling capacity furnace brazed to the headers. These assemblies are TIG welded with the finest craftsmanship and pressure tested to exceed even high pressure systems. Our radiators are designed to facilitate the maximum amount of cooling possible in the Cherokee's narrow nose and subsequent limited airflow.

The KryoFlow radiator is compatible with many electric and conventional mechanical fans. We recommend our FX Series Electric Fan which combine a high-powered fan and integrated shroud into one effective package available below.

Applications & Compatibility

Integrated Auto Transmission Coolers?

Because modern engines run a bit hotter than earlier engines and automatic transmissions prefer to be kept at cooler temperatures, we at Novak have decided to offer radiators without an integrated automatic transmission cooler option. These coolers are more effective run as separate units. This is a method that is confirmed by trends in the OEM automotive industry.

These assemblies are designed to fit the 1987-2001 XJ / MJ models with engine conversions appropriate to the radiator selected. 1984-1986 XJ's feature a grill support assembly that is not will not work with this radiator (nor V8 engine conversions, for that matter) and will require that the installer fit the later style grille/radiator support from a salvage Cherokee for this radiator and the conversion to succeed. 

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**Fan/shroud assemblies ordered with the radiator come pre-assembled for a “drop-in” package saving substantial time on your part.





Installation Requirements

Typical mechanics hand tools along with the appropriate hoses, clamps and coolant required with a normal radiator swap. After installing this upgrade radiator, we recommend that the installer should verify fan-to-radiator clearance and engine mount integrity before operating the Jeep.

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