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Novak Heavy Duty Radiator


2007-2018 JK Jeeps

This is the Novak HD radiator and the most innovative radiator on the Jeep aftermarket. This version is designed for Jeep JK vehicles with GM Gen III/IV conversion engines.

(Note: when ordering, permit 10-15 days for fulfillment, as these radiators are completed on demand. Thank you.) 

Product & Features



Aluminum radiator with cap, fittings, plugs, and hardware assembled and ready to install.

The OEM JK Pentastar fan delivers terrific airflow and slides directly into the mounting tabs of our JK radiator. We recommend using a 2012-2018 JK Pentastar fan with our E-PWM standalone fan controller. See below.


We use standard fittings and caps on our radiators, so the installer can have the flexibility to assemble the cooling system to the ideal specifications their Jeep may require.

The cross-flow design radiator is manufactured from aluminum which has proven to be a much lighter, stronger and more efficient radiator cooling material. Tanks are CNC laser cut, bent and fabricated with billet aluminum fittings. The core features a single row of 1.5” wide tubes utilizing maximum fin density with louvered fins for optimal cooling capacity. These assemblies are TIG welded with the finest craftsmanship and pressure tested to exceed even high-pressure systems. Our radiators are designed to facilitate the maximum amount of cooling possible in a narrow Jeep grille.

Why single row? Through extensive in-house testing of past designs, and other leading competitors' radiators, we found the widest possible single row of maximum row density to be the most efficient. With multi row radiators, airflow becomes turbulent between rows, decreasing airflow and in turn decreasing efficiency. Our 1.5" row width is of the thickest single row radiators available. Paired with our very tight 0.37" row spacing and 15 folds per inch louvers, we are confident this is of the best conversion radiators on the market.


The Stock JK radiator mounting system is of great design and the Novak JK radiator drops right in for a plug and play solution.

Integrated Auto Transmission Coolers?

Because modern engines run a bit hotter than earlier engines and automatic transmissions prefer to be kept at cooler temperatures, we at Novak have decided to offer radiators without an integrated automatic transmission cooler option. These coolers are more effective run as separate units. This is a method that is confirmed by trends in the OEM automotive industry.
JK Rad Mount.png 












In order to run the 2012-2018 JK Pentastar fan, we recommend Novak's E-PWM controller. 

Historically, engine fans would run at 100% or off, causing them to constantly cycle on and off, sending the engine through countless heat cycles and putting a heavy draw on your vehicles electrical system.

The stock 2012-2018 PentaStar fan is an excellent piece of equipment. It's watertight, durable, efficient, and most importantly variable speed. As the engine begins to heat up, the fan slowly increases speed to deliver exactly as much cooling as needed. This in turn puts less stress on your electrical system and keeps the engine bay from heat soaking in between standard fan cycles. With lower under hood temps, sensors, hoses, gaskets and various other components lives are extended, improving the reliability of your Jeep.

Getting this fan to run standalone has never been easier with the help of Novak's E-PWM JK fan controller. The fan will only work when a specific PWM signal is input through its green signal wire, usually supplied via the JK's TIMP. Novak's E-PWM controller takes the engine temperature from a standard GM temp sender and creates this specific signal to run the Pentastar fan exactly how your GM engine desires.

The E-PWM also comes with low and high speed command wires that can be used with selectable 0v or 12v signals. These are commonly used for A/C fan activation or dash switches to manually override fan speeds.

See JK Pentastar fan controller E-PWM for more info

Applications & Compatibility

These assemblies are designed to fit the 2007-2018 Jeep JK models with GM Gen III/IV engine conversions.

If you have a 2007-2011 model radiator fan, we recommend sourcing a 2012-2018 JK Pentastar fan instead. To identify what fan you have, the 2007-2011 fans use a purple signal wire, while the 2012-2018 fans use a green activation wire.

Installation Requirements

Typical mechanics hand tools along with the appropriate hoses, clamps and coolant required with a normal radiator swap. After installing this upgrade radiator, we recommend that the installer should verify fan to radiator clearance and engine mount integrity before operating the Jeep.

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Radiator Warranty Policy

 Our radiators come with a 1-year warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. Please note that evidence of electrolytic corrosion will void this warranty. If a warranty claim is made within the first year of purchase, 100% of the cost will be covered, minus the cost of shipping. If a warranty claim is made within the second year, 75% of the cost will be covered, minus the cost of shipping. If a warranty claim is made within the third year, 50% of the cost will be covered, minus the cost of shipping.