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GM Engines Conversion Radiator


Full Size Jeep SJ's, 1962-1991

Our KryoFlow #K-SJ3 is a high-performance conversion radiator designed for GM Gen III+ V8 engines installations into Full Size Truck, Wagoneers (incl. Grand Wagoneer) and SJ Cherokees.

Because of irregular supply chains and seasonal demand, your Novak radiator may not ship immediately, requiring a few days to prepare. If you are in a particular time crunch, contact us and we'll advise you on our ETA's. 

Product & Features


This radiator features two, one-inch aluminum rows and a cross-flow, double-pass design. The integrated brackets will position the radiator in the optimum position. The right (passenger side) inlet / outlet design is generally a better fit for GM Gen III+ engine hose routing.

This radiator is 28 " wide by 19 " tall x 2-1/4" thick.


The side bracketry matches the existing holes provided in the factory Jeep radiator supports with no drilling required.

Applications & Compatibility


These assemblies are designed to fit Jeep Full Size Truck, Wagoneers, Grand Wagoneer, and SJ Cherokees.


The radiator is designed specifically for Gen 3 & 4 GM V8 engine installations. It will work with Gen 1 & 2 Chevy Small Block & Big Block applications using a swivel thermostat housing like listed below.

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**Fan/shroud assemblies ordered with the radiator come pre-assembled for a “drop-in” package saving substantial time on your part.






Installation Requirements

Typical mechanics hand tools along with the appropriate hoses, clamps and coolant required with a normal radiator swap. After installing this upgrade radiator, we recommend that the installer should verify fan-to-radiator clearance and engine mount integrity before operating the Jeep.

Earlier Chevy Small / Big Block installation

Due to the upper neck location, a swivel thermostat housing is highly recommended for conventional Chevy Small and Big Block or other GM engine installations.

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