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GM V6 Conversion Radiator


Early CJ's, 1946-1971

Our KryoFlow #K-ECJ11S is a high-performance conversion radiator, ideal for GM V6 engines installations into Early CJ Jeeps (1946-1971) that had the L134 / F134 or Buick V6 engines.

Because of irregular supply chains and seasonal demand, your Novak radiator may not ship immediately. If you are in a particular time crunch, contact us and we'll advise you on our ETA's. 

Product & Features


This aluminum radiator features two, one-inch rows and a down flow design. Included are two adjustable side brackets for the installer to achieve optimum adjustment for their particular installation.

Applications & Compatibility


The side brackets have adjustability for depth, height and off-set.


Early CJ Jeeps (1946-1971) that had the L134 / F134 or Buick V6 engines.


The radiator is designed GM V6 engines installations. 


These radiators can be used with mechanical or electrical fans. Mechanical fans will require that a shroud be fabricated to match the position of your engine fan. Electric fans are also a possibility. We recommend the bespoke kit listed below which will come installed to the radiator if ordered together ready to install.

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**Fan/shroud assemblies ordered with the radiator come pre-assembled for a “drop-in” package saving substantial time on your part.





Installation Requirements

Typical mechanics hand tools along with the appropriate hoses, clamps and coolant required with a normal radiator swap. After installing this upgrade radiator, we recommend that the installer should verify fan-to-radiator clearance and engine mount integrity before operating the Jeep.

It may be required for the installer to drill holes into the Jeep pre-flange, according to the installations requirements.

Removal and relocation of the factory cross member is required on 134 engine grilles, as discussed in our Early CJ Knowledge Base article linked below.

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