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Novak Apparel



Purely by popular demand, we now offer Novak Conversions apparel.

Some of us got caught in photographs at shows or on our website, wearing our logo'ed hats & shirts and our customers put the screws on us to make them available

Product & Features


Lets be honest here, nothing says I can talk Jeep to everyone around you at work like having the Novak logo on your chest. If you work at a place which requires shirt sleeves, its crewneck cut can still hide below the collar, ready for you to superman tear that shirt off for the weekend and go Jeeping.

All Novak shirts are made of durrable high-quality cotton, and perfect for use in shops or other harsh environments.


Shirt sizing is as for any other casual wear in standard American sizes. No suprises.


Our apparel line-up includes:

  • Short Sleeve T
  • Long Sleeve T

We think they represent our extraordinary good taste. but if not, they at least match company colors.

Above: A close-up of the Novak logo and color options

Above: The rear graphic as on the T's and Hoodies

Applications & Compatibility

A Human Torso is required to wear Novak Apparel. Average human torsos are around 40" around, but you will need to measure yours to ensure good fit. We've tried to apply Novak Apparel to Alien Torsos, but were unable to come up with a working adapter to fit the shirts to them. 

Installation Requirements

  1. Unpack shirt.
  2. Wash shirt (shirts are pre-sized, but who know's where it's been?).
  3. Dry shirt.
  4. Using forearms, open large hole at bottom of shirt.
  5. Slip shirt over head.
  6. Push both arms through arm holes to extreme left and right of the top of the shirt.
  7. Put head through middle hole
  8. Pull shirt down over torso.
  9. Adjust until fit is comfortable.