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Ford Style Transmissions

Conveniently, no adapter is required to adapt Ford truck transmissions to some AMC bellhousings. Procedure and available parts are detailed below.

Product & Features


T176 & T150 AMC Bellhousing

This is a new AMC I6 & V8 bellhousing with the correct pattern for the T176/T150 as well as standard Ford “Butterfly” pattern transmissions. It could also be made to work with a Jeep T18 but one of the original holes used on that transmission would need to be drilled and is not part of the casting provision. 


Bellhousing only

Kit with fork, pivot ball & retainer spring

Applications & Compatibility


All AMC I6 & V8 engines made from 1972-2006 are compatible with the above bellhousings and therefore this conversion, including the 232, 258 & 4.0L I6 as well as the 304, 360 & 401 V8's.

Early AMC Cranks

early_amc_crank_flangeNot all AMC crank flange bores are the same. Early engines, 1971 and previous - as well as those with automatic transmissions around this era - featured a ~1.8" step (see image to the right) or a shallow recess instead of a ~1.8" centering bore as found on later AMC V8 engines. This distinction is important to make if adapting to a transmission where the pilot bushing is positioned further rearward due to a shorter input shaft length. All early and late cranks (in our documentation) feature a pilot bushing bore (the deeper bore in the crank) that is just over 1" in diameter whether they have the above step-bore, or not. On the later engines you are placing the pilot bushing where an automatic transmission would normally index the torque converter. Also be aware that on AMC engines originally equipped with a TH400 automatic transmission there may be a thin centering ring that will need to be removed to install the larger pilot bushing. If the bore measure ~1.7” instead of the expected ~1.8” you’ve got the bushing that needs to be removed. That ring 5352374 is located here.


All of the Ford “butterfly” style truck transmissions are compatible without modification using this bellhousing. The Jeep T18 has only one bolt hole different, the bolt near the clutch fork is higher on the Jeep version. Usually the OEM bellhousing has both patterns in that era.


The OEM 1976-79 T150/T18 as well as the 1980-86 T176/T177 bellhousing will work as they came from the factory with the Ford transmissions listed above.

The SR4/T4/T5 is similar but uses a different bolt pattern. It is possible to modify it by welding holes closed and re-drilling the pattern but the heat-affected zones lead to stress risers and cracks. You are much better off to use the correct bellhousing and sell one that you don’t need. These other SR4/T4/T5 bellhousings lend themselves to a GM transmission much better with some minor machining. See this page for SM465 or this page for SM420 information.

AMC bellhousings in 1972-1975 CJ's and other trucks are incompatible due to their longer depths and transmission face bolt patterns. No bellhousings after the CJ (1986) models are compatible.

Related Products

Pilot Bushing

One of the following Pilot Bushings is required for all installations. Please choose your applicable engine and transmission combination:


This photo illustrates a typical “early” 10 o’clock CPS installation.

AMC Bellhousing CPS Machining

This includes machining a clean customer-supplied or Novak supplied I6 / V8 bellhousing to the CPS pattern selected including necessary hardware for the sensor. Sensor is not included but is available below.

***Please note - our CNC operators are very protective of our valuable CNC mills and won’t allow anything dirty in them. A charge of $50 will be charged for any bellhousing that is not clean enough to enter their mill.***

If you are running a stock fuel injected engine, you will need a CPS location on the bellhousing along with the correct flywheel carrying a matching reluctor. The Early position is about 10 o’clock looking from the rear of the engine and 2004-06 is about 3 o’clock.

Does not apply to AMC 2.5L applications.


The stock clutch from a ’76-79 Jeep application will work. Most are 10-1/2” but there were a few 11” versions available. The disc's spline hub features the correct 1-1/16" x 10 spline configuration for these transmissions. These are typically a 3 finger Borg & Beck design which we have found typically does NOT work as well with a hydraulic release. Diaphragm pressure plates and discs are available separately below.


The disc can be purchased separately as necessary with the correct 10 spline 1-1/16” hub

Diaphragm pressure plates, AMC applications

Adjustable release bearing

While often not needed in this application, it is priceless when clearances dictate its use. Further information is here.

While sometimes not needed in this application, it is priceless when clearances dictate its use. With all the variabilities in flywheel and clutch height, do recommend its use. Further information is here.


Hydraulic Clutch Actuation

Though not required on all applications, now is an excellent opportunity to upgrade from the likely worn mechanical system. These mechanical systems are usually full of play which is aggravated by years of wear and much more affected by flex in the body/frame relationship, especially when in a twist off-road. You will find that your clutch release point will vary as things twist. With an hydraulic system, that is not the case. All flex is taken up by the braided stainless line which is unaffected by changes in frame to body relationship. If your Jeep has the master cylinder, that part can be reused. More information can be found here. Parts to do this swap are:




Installation Requirements

This conversion typically bolts in just like a stock transmission would. The same tools and procedures would apply. If adapting engine, transmission or transfer case, consult the appropriate page for that information.

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