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The People

We have been chided by a handful of our customers over the past few years for not having a profiles page. We do have an unusual combination of individuals; each that enjoys our work, our customers, the hobby and each other's working company.

The Novak Team is:


deweyDewey’s connection with machines knows no bounds. With an innate understanding of machining, metals and naturally, Jeeps, we rely on him for some of our trickiest tasks. With experience in strategic, aerospace, tool-making and production machining, Dewey was instrumental in the setup of Novak as we know it today. His Jeeping experience extends to the Sixties, doing swaps and upgrades first as a necessity, then hobby, and finally a career. His alternative career could have been as a stand-in for Kevin Costner.
Joined: 1999 
Jeeps Owned: 1954 Willys Truck, 1968 Wagoneer, 1969 C101 Commando, 1970 J-4000 Pickup, 1988 MJ Commanche, 1989 YJ Wrangler, 1990 XJ Cherokee, 1999 XJ Cherokee 
Jeep Aspirations: To manage a few from the above list 
Favorite Task: Setting, building, wiring, initiating and programming a new machine
A Hobby: Jeep dreaming 


EricWith a preference towards the technical, Eric fills a role in the areas of mechanical and manufacturing design, programming and technical advising. Eric’s long standing penchant for the computer puts him in the path of 3D mechanical modeling, graphics and networking. Eric has interests in linguistics, logic, writing, economics, etc. In the end, it is mostly a pure passion for Jeeps and the best ways to get power through them. His BA was from Utah State University. He has been called MacGyver by more than a few people. Quotes Star Wars characters in company meetings.

Joined: 1999 
Jeeps Owned: 1969 CJ5, 1989 XJ Cherokee, 1985 SJ Wagoneer, 1997 TJ Wrangler 
Jeep Aspirations: 2004 LJ Unlimited (with a 5.3 Vortec & 4L60E), 1949 VJ Jeepster, 1944 Willys MB, 1974 SJ Wagoneer, 1960 Willys Truck,... I'll just take one of each, please. 
Favorite Task: Only one? Product dreaming, designing, production, banter with customers
A Hobby: Thinking about work. Reading History and Economics. Marksmanship
Preferred Films: North by Northwest. Episode V. Rear Window. World's Fastest Indian


A natural accountant and organizational wizard, Krista was instrumental in designing and assembling the business side of the business. Good sense and accuracy are her hallmarks. Her advice is always welcome and always beneficial. Her default Jeep troubleshooting, however, invariably involves some kind of antifreeze diagnosis.
Favorite Task: Monthly ledger reconciliations during strange hours 
A Hobby: Photography
Preferred Films: To Catch a Thief, Notting Hill


ken_05Ken is our own in-house researcher and someone to who we look. If he doesn't have the answer, he finds it. Ken’s experience in the automotive world predates most of us here, and his collection of helpful knowledge bears this out handily. Locally a virtual legend, his knowledge and ideas run deep and wide. We were pleased to ask Ken to join us in 2003. He practices skill in managing our purchasing of finished goods and exercises valuable exactness in the management of inventory and fulfillment. 

Joined: 2003 
Jeeps Owned: 1986 CJ7, 1989 MJ Commanche "Eliminator"
Jeep Aspirations: 1986 CJ7 with a GM 4.8L Vortec 
Favorite Task: Clearing the fulfillment & shipping tables 
A Hobby: Anything involving a Trail 90. Also, mixing household cleaners
Preferred Films: Westerns



Matt came to us from the world of medical machining, fabrication, production CNC operation and setup. Nearly a decade as a machinist, we were pleased that he would come join us. He brings fresh views to machining challenges with solid common sense. Matt has quickly advancing through CNC programming and finds it to be more appealing than expected. He takes very great care of the equipment, keeping machines precise and reliable. He appreciates a good laugh and always has one in return to offer. 

Joined: 2006 
Favorite Task: Exercising machining ingenuity. Buying really cool, new tools 
A Hobby: Hare & Hound Desert Racing, riding the sand dunes, power sports, snow boarding, etc.


SteveMulti-talented, spatially aware and a craftsman, Steve joined us after a couple years of our coaxing him. He comes to assist us in the construction of our parts and our company. He has a knack for all things mechanical and a drive for doing beautiful work. He is naturally attuned to organization and logistics. His lightning wit nearly puts him into the realm of precognition, and he's our official T-shirt model. 

Joined: 2006
Jeeps Owned: 1976 CJ5, 1980 CJ7 Renegade 
Jeep Aspirations: Scrambler 
Favorite Task: Burrowing his brain into a mechanical challenge 
A Hobby: Biking (motorized & non), Art, Jewelry
Preferred Films: Casino Royale, Tommy Boy



Mr. Nine Lives is a key man in our Machine Shop. Definitely a Jeep guy, he's also mechanically experienced in motorcycles. He is known to have purchased a motorbike a couple of states away, disassembling it on the spot for its return trip home in an economy car. He's highly resilient to wrecks and reassembles well. He's one of those really cool guys that can completely counteract the influences of a total geek (see Eric, above) and bring balance back to the company. Likes food, almost inordinately. He's a graduate of Utah State University. 
Joined: 2007
Jeeps Owned: YJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee, 1986 CJ7, TJ Wrangler, CJ8 Scrambler 
Jeep Aspirations: A garage large enough to hold them all 
Favorite Task: Taking copious notes and filling his head with the answers to hard questions
A Hobby: Motorbikes
Preferred Films: Walk the Line


Jeff Smith 2014.jpgWe originally met Jeff as an outsource of great excellence. He was a master of his skillset, and we asked him to join us in 2011. He rapidly rose in skill and experience as a gearbox builder and turned our transmission shop from good to great. No grass grows under his feet and he instinctively just improves the world around him as he goes. He's a dyed-in-the-wool Chevy guy, owning an early Blazer, early Camaro and a pretty cool MG that may or may not be collecting dust as of this writing.
Joined: 2011
Jeeps Owned: None
Jeep Aspirations: 1972 Chevy Blazer ("It's just a full sized Jeep with a Chevy powertrain") 
Favorite Task: Building the T19 transmission
A Hobby: Renovating old homes and snowboard when time permits
Favorite Film: The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction


A major part of our success building automatic transmissions is Jason. Nicknamed "The Machine", he's pretty much unstoppable. We snagged him from the HVAC industry and trained him directly under seasoned auto transmission builders. His mind, work and strengths are of the highest order. 
Joined: 2011
Jeeps Owned: None 
Jeep Aspirations: Its a Jeep Thing, and I don't understand.
Favorite Task: Wasting time in a duck blind
A Hobby: Hunting, Fishing
Favorite Film: Full Metal Jacket


Tim Ryan 2016.jpgTim is a well regarded mechanic, having grown up in the California hot-rod scene before moving to Utah and getting a lot of tickets. He's worked with and managed large retail operations and is comfortable with large parts databases and inventory systems. He joined Novak as a very capable logistics and inventory guru, and performs admirably as a General Manager. Most of the cops in town know and respect him, even if from the wrong side of the ticket book. 
Joined: 2011
Jeeps Owned: Do Suburbans count?
Jeep Aspirations: M715 with 8.1L and Dana 60's locked up, rolling on 42's 
Favorite Task: Anything that makes a customer say "wow"
A Hobby: Wheeling & hunting. It's the thrill of the stalk, baby
Favorite Film: Grown Ups... and anything with Kate Beckinsale


LauraA financial guru of the 10th circle, mother of 5, and multitasker extraordianaire! When she's not managing our fiances, she enjoys time with family and kids. She brings great business sense to the business and is very well respected by all who work with her. 
Joined: 2012
Jeeps Owned: None yet, but open to the possibility 
Jeep Aspirations: None yet 
Favorite Task: Finding solutions
A Hobby: Planning vacations, even those which she may actually take
Favorite Film: Far and Away



Born and raised and still living in Idaho and loving it. He knows where most back roads lead in Franklin County or which short-cuts to take through corn fields for the quickest arrival time to your destination.

He attended B.A.T.C. and became a Journeyman Electrician. After 6 years he found his home at Novak. He says that wiring vehicles is far more enjoyable and rewarding than working on monotonous, cookie cutter commercial/industrial buildings. He has found his second family at Novak and, in his words, works with "some pretty rad dudes".

My personal philosophy is - Be humble and work hard. "When you do more than you're paid for, eventually you'll get paid for more than you do." -Zig Ziglar 

Joined: 2014 

Jeeps Owned: none

Jeep Aspirations: 1995 Wrangler with a Jurassic Park wrap on it would be pretty rad.

Favorite Task: Finding a solution for customers on the technicality side of wiring. It's always a good feeling.

Hobby: You can find me on the river, slaying the trout and bass during the summer time. The woods and mountains are my 2nd/3rd home, depending on the time of year. I'm a music enthusiast at heart. I like wrenching on cars and love participating at autocross/drift events with friends.

Favorite Film: Anything to do with Sci Fi that has a futuristic feel to it, space exploration and oh, robots too!


Jeff B 2016.jpg

Jeff Brown joined the NOVAK team in 2014 and brought with him over 25 years of automotive aftermarket experience. Jeff enjoys working with each member of the Novak sales team. He's a real scare at a local "Haunted Hollow" and enjoys a good laugh also. 

Joined: 2014

Jeeps owned: 1995 YJ
Jeep Aspirations: 1995 YJ, FC170
Favorite Task: Helping others to achieve solutions and projects.
Hobbies: Leather tooling, Dutch oven cooking, camping and spending time with family.
Preferred Films: Salems' Lot, Stand By Me


Harley Rich 2016.jpg

I'm a caffeine fueled, outdoor enthusiast who loves to adventure! Its not procrastinating if you’re drinking coffee, it’s “procaffinating”

Joined: 2015

Jeeps Owned: 2000 Jeep Cherokee(x2), 1966 Ford Bronco

Jeep Aspirations: I would love to build a tasteful LS, LCOG XJ, or LJ

Favorite Task: Daydreaming about an LS XJ with coilovers on full widths, and 37s. Sending Powertrain crates to customers.

Hobby: Love to slip & slide down the frozen water on steep hills on my board!

Favorite Film:  Austin Powers 1, 2, & 3



 PhilosophyDayne Tiegeler 2016.jpg

Jeeps Owned:

Jeep Aspirations:

Favorite Task:


Favorite Film:



Kevin Draper 2016.jpg


Jeeps Owned:

Jeep Aspirations:

Favorite Task:


Favorite Film:


Shane N 2016.jpgPhilosophy

Jeeps Owned:

Jeep Aspirations:

Favorite Task:


Favorite Film:


Paul Goodman_cropped.jpg

I am an avid Jeep enthusiast and military veteran and I embrace the Jeep lifestyle. I live, breathe, and sleep Jeep. Whether it is building or maintaining my 11JKU Rubicon or someone else's rig, I'm all in. I have led and organised numerous off road trail runs and events all over Colorado and portions of Utah.

  Joined: 2018 

  Jeeps Owned: 65 CJ-5 Tuxedo Park 95 YJ 11 JKU Rubicon

  Jeep Aspirations: Building the ultimate rock crawler

  Favorite Task: Wrenching on Jeeps

  Hobby: 4 wheelin hunting camping anything JEEP

  Favorite Film: Gone in 60 Seconds, Blackhawk Down