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Employment at Novak


Novak is seeking the following individuals:


We are seeking an individual to join our machinist group.

We operate ten CNC machine tools  including vertical mills, lathes, mill-turns, shaper and occasionally conventional machine tools. Part runs range from small to medium quantities, with a wide variety of machining, planning, and metrology tasks.

The individual we're seeking will possess or have in their reach the following attributes:

  • Set up CNC machine tools for production
  • Operate machine tools in production mode
  • Part finishing, including minor work with hand tools, break edges, etc.
  • Tool management
  • Materials ordering
  • Job planning
  • Metrology
  • CAM programming
  • Manage CNC code


  • Intelligence
  • Guts
  • A penchant for precision
  • An eye for beautiful parts and finishes
  • Hungry to learn more
  • An interest and understanding of automotive components
  • Ability with PC's
  • G-code skills
  • Able to lift billets, castings, bars, etc.
  • Pride in working in the trade of trades

We have flexible scheduling, an exceptional work environment, bright coworkers, a generous PTO program, retirement account contributions and other benefits. These and other things contribute to our low-turnaround employment record and exceptional potential job satisfaction.

If you do not meet the qualifications above, but are thinking forward for your career, we might be able to work with you.




Technical Sales Advisor

Novak Conversions is a leader in the Jeep aftermarket community. Our products and information are used throughout the world to bring more power and reliability to Jeep vehicles. We are searching to hire for the position of Technical Sales Advisor.

This position is similar to inside sales, with no cold calls to customers. 

The individual we're seeking will possess or have in their reach the following attributes:

  • Strong knowledge of Jeep models and specifically of their powertrains, ranging from 1950-2006+
  • Knowledge of major GM engines and transmissions
  • Knowledge of mechanical principles, automotive electrical wiring, linkages and control systems
  • At ease with customers on the telephone
  • Good writing capabilities
  • Comfortable with computers
  • Able to assist in special mechanical or engineering projects
  • Excellent character and professionalism
  • Positive and helpful personality
  • Top tier hustle & work
  • Customer advocacy

Duties will include:

  • Taking inbound phone calls from purchasing customers, and building verbal and written quotes for parts and kits for potential customers
  • E-mail correspondence, similar to phone calls as above
  • Answering existing customers' technical questions and providing fast and superior support
  • Work closely with other individuals at Novak in Shipping, Purchasing, Machining, Transmission and Engine areas
  • Report customer feedback and product improvement ideas

Intelligence and real drive supersede degrees and certifications. A great wage or salary is to be established based on this Jeep enthusiast's skills and rapidity of ascent into their responsibilities.

Novak is looking to build its Sales staff so that we can better help our customers. Our Technicians are knowledgeable advisors and guides. One of their primary roles is to build quotes and invoices specific to customers' projects and with a high level of knowledge, helping customers to engineer their Jeep upgrades in the most helpful ways attainable. Work with retail & end users and installers, but also with companies and contracts ranging from small to large. 

This is an advanced career in its demands. It’s rewarding in that we work in a neat corner of the 4wd industry with a terrific demographic of customer. We insist on a very soft-sell, all while presenting the range of products that may be applicable to our customers.

Novak has been a constantly growing company since its founding in 1967, and provides an honorable working environment with an unusually skilled and bright staff of 25+ individuals. If you feel you may further enhance this group, your interest is welcome.

We welcome potential interviewees to submit their resumes in which their creativity will be appreciated. We request that the candidate include accounts of any Jeep & powertrain conversion work they've done.

E-mails may be submitted to: employment@novak-adapt.com Resumes in PDF format are preferred.

 We are not currently looking to fill further job positions, however, we are interested to meet individuals who feel their skills and abilities might fit with our company culture of doers, makers and helpers.

Those who meet this criteria are welcome to send an introduction letter and resume to:


... for full consideration and further discussion with you.