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Sunday October 1st 2017 through Tuesday October 3rd 2017

War Hero is a 3 day event in which we travel from the northern Utah border to the southern Utah border using as much dirt road as possible.

Event Details

  • Registration is required but this ride is completely FREE to those who participate.
  • You are required to take care of your own food, lodging, and fuel for the trip.
  • Meet on Sunday in Snowville Utah (Utah/Idaho Border) at noon. We will arrive in St George Utah on Tuesday toward the end of the day.
  • Sunday night we will be stopping in Wendover NV . At this stop there are hotels as well as camp sites for lodging accommodations.
  • Monday night we will be stopping off of Hwy 6, close to Baker NV, at a place called the Border Inn. That evening, Novak will be providing dinner for all those who attend. There is a motel as well as camping accommodations. We recommend you call ahead to make a reservation. 

If you have any other questions call Clayton at 435-753-2513 ext 21 or email warhero@novak-adapt.com 

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