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Complete NP435
Transmission Package

An NP-435 with the adapter assemblyThe NP435 has become as popular as any of the superstar truck four-speed transmissions. We work with both Ford and Dodge versions of this transmission for Jeep adaptations, and also have experience with the less common GM and industrial versions.

Our 435 is professionally and meticulously rebuilt. We use the best components, including bearings, synchronizers, bushings, seals and gaskets built by our NP435 specialists and experts. Any available updates and improvements are performed.

A new, straight transmission shifter cane is included and ready for the installer to bend to the particular application and driver's preference (if you wish you use your factory stick, let us know and we'll apply a discount).

Adapted Builds
The 435 will be built with a Novak conversion mainshaft, the Novak transfer case adapter and crossmember urethane mount assembly.

Transfer Case Adaptability

NP435 adapted and ready
An example of a Novak adapter, installed and ready.

Your NP435 can be ordered ready to join to the following Jeep transfer cases:

We can also do a full rebuild of your Jeep transfer case if you would like to ship it to us. We can provide any upgrade components for it that you wish. It will be pre-installed to the transmission and ready to lift into your Jeep.

Factory Style Builds
We also can provide factory style 435 transmissions for faithful Ford, GM and Dodge truck restorations or upgrades. We also perform rebuilds on industrial NP435 transmissions.

Your 435's Construction:

We start with a good core transmission and do a full disassembly and breakdown

Detailed parts inspection and measurements are performed

The main case and top cover are hot-cleaned, and media blasted. The top cover is then protected with a coat of clear enamel while the case itself is primed and enameled with a tough, industrial grade finish

The top shifter cover is fully rebuilt with new springs, poppets and hardware

Full gearbox reassembly using all new bearings, bushings, synchronizers, snap rings - all consumable transmission parts - are replaced and new hard parts are installed wherever indicated

A new reverse switch with simple spade style terminals is installed

Your transfer case and bellhousing (if available) are installed and configured

The transmission undergoes a 24 hour leakdown test, after which it is fully stress-tested through all gears on our 300 HP test stand


Bellhousing Compatability
We will also configure your front input section for a variety of OEM or conversion bellhousings including:

We can often source a bellhousing or use your particular Ford, Dodge, GM or AMC bellhousing as required. Conversions to AMC bellhousings will include necessary machining for Crank Position Sensors (CPS), face pockets (if necessary) and the bellhousing rear face bolt pattern. The pilot bushing is included as specified.

Your transmission package is palleted, wrapped, fully insured and ready to bolt into your application. Novak will seek the best competitive shipping rates with our extensive trucking networks. It will arrive at a location of your choosing, though we strongly recommend a business location with a dock / forklift for delivery, as residential and liftgate fees can add up to an extra $100. per delivery.

Pricing is generally as follows:

Because of the many variations involved, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will help you put together your transmission to best fit your requirements.

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