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New Process 242 Transfer Case

The New Process / New Venture 242 transfer case is one of the most durable and rebuildable transfer cases in the history of Jeeps.

New Process 242 Rebuild Kit

Kit 242MR-1, master rebuild, NP242 transfer case, Jeep 1987-1993, earlier wide bearing style
Part #: 242MR-1
Weight: 8.59
Price: $121.75
Kit 242MR-2, master rebuild, NP242 transfer case, Jeep 1994-, later narrow bearing style
Part #: 242MR-2
Weight: 8.29
Price: $121.75

The Master Rebuild Kit
Our master rebuild kit has been assembled for our customer's rebuilds as well as our own. It is the most complete kit we've seen anywhere and features the recommended consumable and wear item components.

Because there are a few chain options for the NP242, we recommend it be purchased (below) for the most complete rebuild possible. We consider chain replacement to be very important.

Rebuild Requirements
It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods.

We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers, and a small arbor press, in addition to standard shop tools.

NP242 Versions
NP242's are consistent from 1988-1993. Beginning in the 1994 model year, New Venture changed the front input bearing from a wide version to a narrow version. By 1995, the changover was complete, but individuals win 1994 model year transfer cases can't always be certain of which bearing their transfer case may actually have, unless they pull the front bearing retainer or even fully disassemble the NP242 and check this input gear bearing.

New Process Input Gear
New Process Input Gear
The earlier style input gear, top, has a wide bearing journal. The later style input gear, bottom, has a narrow bearing journal.

For a more in-depth discussion of these versions, see this page.

Transfer Case Chain
There were five chain versions available in the NP / NVG 242 transfer cases. They generally fall into the applications as listed below. However, if you are at all uncertain about your 242, you can open it up and inspect the pitch of your chain (by measuring between links) and the link type as illustrated below:

Morse Chain Pins
Use the above illustration in the event you may not be certain about the provenance of your NP242 transfer case and the chain type it features.

Chain, transfer case, NP242, Jeep version, 1989-2000, .5033 pitch x 1" W x 72 pitch, round pin
Part #: HV028
Weight: 4.69
Price: $96.72
Chain, transfer case, NP242, Jeep & Dodge V8 version, 1998-2004, .375 pitch x 1.25" W x 98 pitch, rocker joint
Part #: HV063
Weight: 4.69
Price: $142.68
Chain, transfer case, NP242, Jeep Liberty, 2002- , NP136/236 GM Blazer, Bravada & Astro 1998- .375 pitch x 1" W x 98 links, rocker joint
Part #: HV062
Weight: 4.69
Price: $124.54
Chain, transfer case, NP242ECE, Jeep Europe XJ & ZJ, .5033 pitch x 1" W x 72 links, rocker joint
Part #: HV061
Weight: 4.69
Price: $161.71
Chain, transfer case, NP242, Humvee H1 version, .5033 Pitch x 1-1/4 W x 72 links, rocker pivot
Part #: HV060
Weight: 4.69
Price: $132.03


Other Components
Essentially all parts for the 242 are available new and affordably so. For anything not shown, contact us.