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The Novak #SK2XC Cable Shifter Assembly for the
231 & 242 Transfer Cases in
Jeep TJ Wranglers & XJ / MJ Cherokees / Commanches

Jeep NP231 Cable Shifter
Shifter kit, cable, 231 & 242 transfer cases in the Jeep XJ's & TJ's
Part #: SK2XC
Weight: 7.00
Price: $179.00

The popularity of Novak's original #SK2X shifter kit has spawned this next generation of cable shifter for the Jeep 231 and 242 transfer cases, as found in 1986-2006 Jeep TJ and XJ vehicles.

The Novak Shifter Kit
This cable shifter assembly replaces everything below the factory shift handle, including the problematic z-bar linkage, tunnel mount bracket, transfer case mount bracket and shifter pivot.

The factory shift handle is entirely retained.

All neceessary hardware is included and installation can be done in as few as two hours.

Adjusting the shifter for optimum use is straightforward and this is detailed in our instruction package.

Benefits at a Glance:

Our Control Cable
We've researched many types and brands of control cable, and we enthusiatically specify and provide our customers with the best we've ever seen. It features:



Our goal at Novak was to simplify the shifting mechanism, at first for our many customers performing engine and transmission conversions, but then for the many running stock powertrains and unhappy with the shifting action, and the many situations where the complex linkage causes the transfer case to pop out of its range or mode unexpectedly. Our assembly also eliminates the bindings that occur in the factory linkages, especially those caused by flex when on the trail or rocks, that have a detrimental effect on the shifting process, and therefore on the performance of the Jeep.
An installed view of the cable ends
By using an extremely low friction cable, installation and use is a snap. The kit uses the existing factory shift handle assembly in the floor and console.


Body bracket update with rubber fasteners
A new feature for 2014 Q4: rubber mounting feet to stand the shifter bracket slightly off the body, providing better water drainage, and greater adjustment for slight Jeep tub variations, as well as for better body sealing at water crossings.

Keep your factory shift handle
Keep your factory shift handle for an OEM look and ease of installation.


Note on Counterfeit Shifter Kits
We've learned of and have acquired copied (albeit poorly) shifter kits on the market pretending to the Novak name and design. Its bracketry and especially its cable are of poor quality and we will be unable to warranty failures of such. If you purchased your kit from another retailer and are shorted parts, instructions as many of their customers have had, or have had a cable failure, please pursue any warranty or return with them.

Novak Shift Cable vs Others