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The Novak

#SK2XC Cable Shifter Assembly

for the

231 & 242 Transfer Case


Jeep TJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee and MJ Comanche

This next generation of cable shifter for the Jeep 231 and 242 transfer case is our #1 selling item and with just cause. Even a completely stock Jeep will be happier with this shifter on board. Considered essential for conversions and modified TJ/LJ or XJ/MJ.


This cable shifter assembly replaces everything below the factory shift handle, including the problematic z-bar linkage, tunnel mount bracket, transfer case mount bracket and shifter pivot. The factory shift handle is entirely retained.

Constructed for 3/16” CNC cut and bent steel with keyed index and professional welding on the fabricated tunnel side bracket. Zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance.


Body mounting bracket with well-nuts for better fit, industrial/aircraft/marine grade cable, transfer case bracket, transfer case shifter arm, necessary hardware, and detailed instructions.

Our goal at Novak was to simplify the shifting mechanism. Initially this was done for our many customers performing engine and transmission conversions where the transmission was moved or replaced rendering the stock linkage points unusable. The solution proved to be much more universal and applies this same superior shifting action to the many running stock powertrain owners unhappy with the existing sloppy shifting action. There are many situations where even the slightest bind on your Jeep causes the complex stock linkage apparatus to pop the transfer case out of its range or mode unexpectedly. Our assembly eliminates the excess play and binding that occurs in the factory linkages, whether caused by wear, modification or simple flex when on the trail or rocks.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Restore and improve shifting action in Jeeps with suspension and especially body lifts and tummy tucks
  • Provide a clean shifting mechanism for conversion transmissions (manual or automatic) being adapted to the Jeep transfer cases
  • Provide a crisp shifting feel and greater sense of control to the driver of the Jeep
  • Eliminate shifter kick-outs and resulting transfer case damage by replacing problematic factory linkages
  • The shift pattern is maintained from factory when installed, i.e. 2 High, front most and 4 Low, rearmost
  • Fully compatible with modified "2-Low" NP231's
  • The factory shift handle is retained
  • No need to remove the factory console
  • You don’t have to remove the front yoke or driveshaft
  • New for 2014, the provided body plate features rubber mounting nuts to seal out the floor for water crossings and account for minor differences in body tooling
  • If your transfer case problem is caused by the shifter, this will fix it. If not, it is likely due to internal wear or a broken part. See the links below for rebuild kits and parts

Our Control Cable

We've researched many types and brands of control cable, and we enthusiastically specify and provide our customers with the best we've ever seen. It features:

  • Heavy-duty crimped ends
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Industrial grade, high-temp outer sheath
  • Super-low friction, Teflon liner
  • Tight bend radius featuring no-bind resistance clear down to 5"
  • All US made

By using an extremely low friction cable, installation and use is a snap. There is no need to remove the transfer case rotator plate or the factory shift handle assembly in the floor and console.


Keep your factory shift handle for an OEM look and ease of installation.

Note on Counterfeit Shifter Kits

We've learned of, and have acquired, copied (albeit poorly) shifter kits on the market pretending to the Novak name and design. Its bracketry and especially its cable are of poor quality and we will be unable to warranty failures of such. If you purchased your kit from another retailer and are shorted parts, instructions as many of their customers have had, or have had a cable failure, please pursue any warranty or return with them.


Applications & Compatibility


Fits 1997-2006 TJ & LJ Wranglers as well as 1988 and newer XJ Cherokees and MJ Comanche Jeeps. Due to the extremely flexible nature of the Cable and excellent fitment of the brackets, if you have the shifter inside your rig, this kit should work with almost any modification from a full engine/transmission conversion to a tummy tuck with long arms or just a simple replacement for the poor stock linkage. 


As the transfer case bracket attaches to two of the mounting locations for the transfer case itself and is independent of the transmission, it will fit nearly all transmission applications.

Transfer Case 

Fits all Jeep 6 bolt pattern NP/NVG (New Process/New Venture Gear) transfer case 231, 242 and similar (1988 up) EXCEPT for the 241OR which requires our SK3XR. Dodge and AMG transfer cases share the same pattern and should also work with this kit. This kit will not work with Chevy/GM 5 or 6 bolt transfer cases. See the links below for other cable shifter kits to meet your needs.

Installation Requirements

Normal hand tools are usually all that’s required to install the shifter kit. Your skid plate may need to be removed to do the installation. The actual installation of the shifter is extremely simple. Detailed instructions are included.

Also See