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Dana 300 Transfer Case Twin-Stick Shifter Kit

The Dana 300 is a very good recipient for a twin stick conversion. This kit comes with the hardware and instructions required to create a clean and highly functional shifter upgrade.

Kit, shifter, Dana 300 Twin Stick, premium
Part #: TX300
Weight: 3.39
Price: $149.60

The twin-stick kit is compatible with the Dana 300 as found in all versions of the Jeep CJ. It mounts onto the front bearing retainer casting.

Kit Contents
The kit comes with all the hardware required to convert to twin sticks. Gaskets, seals and any rebuild components for the Dana 300 are sold separately and can be found on our Dana 300 parts page.

Procedural Requirements
The TX300 kit uses the factory shift rails within your Dana 300. Installation does not require disassembly, however, if removing the interlock pins for fully independant axle operation, disassembly of the Dana 300 will be required.


Shifting Positions
All separate range and mode positions are available, including:

As to shifter positions... the low-range positions are all the way forward and the high-range positions are all the way back. Neutral is in the middle.


  Front Axle Rear Axle Both Axles
High y y y
Low y y y
Neutral y y y


Shifter Boots
Add this twin-stick style shifter boot, which is custom molded of high quality rubber and furnished with a stainless-steel bezel ring and stainless steel mounting screws.

Twin Shifter Boot

Boot, twin-stick, textured, with stainless steel bezel and fastening screws
Part #: TSB
Weight: 0.63
Price: $27.72


Shifter Knobs
Add a pair of shifter knobs if you wish to upgrade from the conventional, spherical plastic knobs provided in our Dana 300 shifter kits. They are made from billet aluminum, anodized in black and then laser engraved, as shown.

Twin stick shifter knobs

Knobs, shifter, twin stick, aluminum, black anodized with laser engraving, 7/16" thread, qty. 2
Part #: KBLTBK716
Weight: 2.00
Price: $33.15




Dana 300 with Twin Stick kit installed
The TX300 kit as installed. Note that the inner ear of the shifter mount casting is not needed nor utilized, and can be removed if needed for clearance to larger transmissions and/or for clocked-up 300 applications.