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Conversion Headers
for the
GM Generation III+ Small Block V8

The GM LS and Vortec V8 engines are being installed into Jeeps with tremendous succes. Good headers can make a big difference in how well the engines fit and perform in the bay of your Jeep.

GM Gen III Headers for Jeeps
Headers, exhaust, GM Gen III V8 in Jeeps, short, blockhugging, near-center dump, natural steel finish
Part #: CCLS1
Weight: 16.00
Price: $304.82
Headers, exhaust, GM Gen III V8 in Jeeps, short, blockhugging, near-center dump, silver-ceramic finish
Part #: CCLS1C
Weight: 17.00
Price: $452.40


About the Headers
The header starts with a generous, 3/8" thick manifold flange. A patented port-seal surface is face ground at the mounting face of the engine head such that they can be used without a gasket. One is encouraged to use a hi-temp RTV sealant (preferred) or a even a traditional gasket (not included).

Featuring 1-1/2" tubes, the primary pipes gather into a 2-1/2" collector. The collector flange itself is a three-bolt style. Included are the header-to-head bolts.

The headers are short, measuring 7-3/4" from the center of the head flange to the bottom of the collector.

The short, block-hugging design allows the installer to have the exhaust routed in one of the following three popular ways:

Coated or Natural Steel
The basic header is offered in natural steel, which the customer can optionally have finished in a variety of hi-temp enamels or other finshes that will offer rust protection and good appearance.

The coated version of these headers are finished in an extremely durable, insulative and attractive Alu-Ceramic compound. This finish offers the added benifit of lower underhood temperatures and the highest level of protection to the header.

Related Items
Often used in conjunction with these headers is a GM Exhaust Gas Recirculation block-off kit, as allowed by many jurisdictions due to the clean-burning nature of these advanced Gen. III engines.

EGR Blockoff