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Adapting the
AX15, AX5, AW4, NV3550 & NSG370 Transmissions to the
Jeep Dana Model 300 and FSJ NP2xx Transfer Cases

New Process style flange transmissions are adaptable to the Jeep Dana 300 with the use of Novak's #153 clocking ring or #153F flip ring. These transmissions include the 4wd versions of the AX15, AX5, AW4, 904/909, NV3550 and NSG370. This kit is also compatible with the Jeep NP 208, 219, 228 & 229 transfer cases.

Dana 300 Adapter

Kit 153, adapting the AX15, AX5, NV3550 or AW4 to the Jeep Model 300 transfer case clocking
Part #: 153
Weight: 3.04
Price: $167.00
Adapter (clockable), fastening hardware, seal, gasket & instructions
Kit 153-F, adapting (flip version) the AX15, AX5, NV3550 or AW4 to the Jeep Model 300 transfer case
Part #: 153-F
Weight: 3.04
Price: $168.00
Adapter ring, o-ring, gasket, bi-directional seal, fastening hardware
Shaft, input, Dana 300 transfer case. 21 spline
Part #: AS300-21
Weight: 2.83
Price: $193.61

Shaft, input, Dana 300, 23 spline extended depth
Part #: 8131687E
Weight: 2.80
Price: $193.61
Features splines that extend to the end of the shaft bore, unlike the factory shafts that had an unsplined band.

The Adapter
The Novak Jeep Model 300 transfer case adapter is very compact at only 7/8" long. The adapter itself is machined from a billet of 6061 alloy, featuring a thick flange and a heavy cross-section.

Unlike thin, budget clocking rings, this adapter features precision index centering for longer spline life, instead of relying on bolt locating. Additionally, the Novak #153 features 7/8" of thread engagement, in lieu of an inadequate 3/8".

Transmission Versions
You may need to add and install an input shaft for your Dana 300. Depending on which transmission you are using.

21 spline shafts are for:

23 spline, extended length shafts are for:

No additional input shaft is typically required for:

If you are unsure about which to choose, follow this rule:

If you have a 23 spline transmission output shaft whose end extends ~1/2" past the rear face of the transmission flange, you do not need a new input shaft.

If you have a 21 or 23 spline shaft whose end is flush with the rear face of the transmission flange, then add the appropriate 21 or 23 spline input shaft to your order.

Transfer Case Versions
All Jeep models of the Dana 300 transfer cases are compatible with this adapter assembly. IH versions of these transfer cases are not compatible.

Transfer Case Input Shaft
If ordered for your particular application, the new Dana 300 input shaft is machined from triple-alloy gear steel. Our 21 and 23 spline versions install easily and quickly, replacing the factory 23 spline input shaft for a direct connection to your transmissions output shaft, as discussed above.

The Novak adapter kit does not use a sealed input shaft bearing. This kit relies on the use of the factory style input shaft bearing, as found in your Dana 300 or in a rebuild kit - in conjunction with a double-sided seal as provided in our adapter kit. We feel it is better to use an open bearing that is continuously flushed and cooled by the transfer case fluid.

The Dana 300Transfer Case Strength and Condition
The Dana 300 transfer case is natively stronger than the above gearboxes and will not be the weak link in the chain. The 300 is uncommonly strong, compact and servicable. They are capable of power ranging up through V6s, V8s and even the Chevy Big Blocks.

It is not requisite that you rebuild your transfer case to successfully complete the conversion, but it may be a good time to do so if your transfer case leaks or has many miles of service. We've made our Dana 300 gaskets & seals kits and our all-inclusive master rebuild kits available for this purpose.

Transfer Case Shifter
This transmission conversion will allow for the retention of the factory shifters, or allow you to upgrade to a twin-stick shifter.

Transmission Shifter
Use of the OEM style transmission shifter for the transmission is easily done. The installer may opt to bend the stick to fit the particular Jeep application.

Dana 300 Clocking Ring
Featuring four different clocking positions, the Novak #153 adapter allows the installer to choose the optimum transfer case angle based on the particular installtion.

Clocking Information & Driveshaft Clearance
The #153 adapter is drilled and threaded for four transfer case angles.

The #153F "Flip" adapter is drilled for two different clocking positions.

The installer will be able to easily choose the optimum clocking for his particular Jeep and application.

Driveshaft length changes are often required, as this geartrain combination is sometimes longer or shorter than some factory Jeep combinations. Some GM engine installations sit further ahead in the bay and will allow for better driveshaft angles than with AMC installations.

Some of our customers, fearful at the perceived expense of new or modified driveshafts, attempt to let the existing driveshafts dictate engine, transmission and transfer case location, sometimes to the detriment of the project. Driveshaft modifications are usually inexpensive when performed by driveline, RV or tractor implement specialists. New driveshafts are an option but seldom a requirement in regards to the actual successful conversion. Jeeps that require extensive travel or specialty-built driveshafts have this option available through several fabricators across the nation.

Novak's Jeep Motor Mounts
Novak's MM Series engine mounts, featuring excellent vibration dampening, superior strength and impressive adjustability - adjustable even after the engine is installed. The design and strength and affordability of our mounts are second to none.


A complete, adapted AX15 ready to ship
A turn-key, factory new, AX15, professionally adapted (optionally) and delivered to your door - ready for a variety of engines and Jeep transfer cases. Read more...


Engines & Engine Mounting
These installations are often done with AMC / Jeep engines. Some of these transmissions are compatible with and done in conjunction with an engine conversion into the Jeep. These engines include the Chevrolet Small Block V6 & V8, from Generations I, II, & III, 1955-2006. Carbureted, TBI and TPI engines are all compatible with this transmission. Novak offers what we have found to be the most intelligent engine mounting system for Jeeps available, allowing the installer to make an easy and satisfying decision as to powertrain placement with the transmission and the Dana 300 both considered.

Transmission Rear Flange
As an example, this AX15 features a 23 spline output shaft that protrudes past the rear face, and therefore, does not require the additional 300 input shaft.

AMC engines may be left in the factory location in virtually all of these transmission installations.

Use of factory axles is completely acceptable with this conversion. Axle upgrades are not necessary, but they may be chosen for reasons external to this transmission upgrade.